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Spiritual Article Index

October 2009

Moving Beyond Feelings of Rejection

September 2009

Letting Go of Roles
Ribbons of Change and Healing

July 2009

How Consciousness Changes
A New Consciousness - The Story of Bottled Water
Making Miracles Possible

June 2009

Holding Suffering In The Heart Of Compassion
Healing Immune Deficiencies and the Boundary of Self

April 2009

The Man Who Could Not Find His Heart
The Courage to Feel

March 2009

How Consciousness Changes
The Search For Significance

February 2009

Soul Love

December 2008

Those We Disagree With
Living a Guided Life

November 2008

A New Look at Emotional Healing
Forging a New Path - The Choice Beyond Fear
Taking Time For the Sacred
Awakening - The Difference Between Remorse and Shame
Changing Identities - Healing the Past in the Present

October 2008

Choosing Your Emotional Reality
Spiritual Anchoring in Times of Difficulty

September 2008

Waiting in Trust - A Spiritual Practice
'Show and Tell' For Adults - The Zen of Seeing
Negative Campaigning - What Does America Want?
Spiritualizing the Body
Sacred Relationships

August 2008

Ending Karmic Cycles and Post-Traumatic Stress
Symptoms Without a Diagnosis - The New Language of Energy
Enhancing Your Meditation
Meditation For Children

July 2008

Raising your Vibration - How to Bring Greater Light into Your Life

June 2008

The Mothers of Section Sixty
The Art of Being Present - Part II
The Earth Purifies - Earth Changes, Flooding, and Extreme Weather Patterns

May 2008

Why Are Bees Disappearing?
The New Reality of Energy
The Art of Being Present

April 2008

The Need for a New Ethic in American Presidential Campaigns
Coming Together in the Light
Disillusionment and Hope
What Is Spiritual Purification?
Spiritual Awakening and the Reshaping of Identity
The Nature of Sacred Relationships
From Alpha to Omega - The Purpose of History
Springtime For the Soul

February 2008

Is America Ready for Gentleness?
The Desire For Change And The Fear Of Change In America
The Resurgence of Hope and What This Means for You
The Mind and the Heart in America's Political Campaigns
America's Future - One Nation 'Under God' and What It Could Mean
The Effect of Spiritual Light on the Presidential Election

January 2008

The Trials of Purification - Meeting the Challenge of Spiritual Growth
American Presidential Campaigns: The Need For A New Vision
A Pivotal Time in American History - A Spiritual Perspective
Expanding the Sphere of the Heart
The Human Family - An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Hope for Personal and Planetary Healing in 2008
Purification and Truth - The Task of Light
The Task for the New Year

December 2007

One World Meditations - A Time for Change
Spiritual Healing of Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Through Death Into Light: A Story of Love
Healing Family Relationships -- Love and the Gift of Spiritual Awareness
Loneliness - A Hunger of the Soul

November 2007

Enduring Hardships with God’s Love
Transforming Your Physical Body into a Sacred Light Body
The Point of Balance - Healing for the Heart
Healing the Wounds of Childhood - The Purification Process
How Your Daily Life can Change the World
Who am I if I Let Go of my Pain?
Saying Goodbye to the Past
Spiritual Longing and the Path of Forgiveness
How Intuition and inner Wisdom can Strengthen You during Difficult Times
History of the Soul's Journey Through Time - Part II
Death and Dying - The Passing of Souls
How Self Love can Transform Relationships
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - A Spiritual Perspective
Spiritual Relationships -- A New Level of Intimacy and Sharing
The View of Competition in a Sacred Society
Healing Despair and the Loss of Hope
Developing the Capacity to Trust God
The Cause of Allergies - A Spiritual Perspective
Spiritual Awakening - The Arrival of the New
Developing Your Inner Spiritual Guidance
The Colors of the Soul
What is God's Purpose for Me?
The Road to Awakening
The Purpose of Suffering
Healing the Body with Light
The History of the Soul's Journey Through Time
Soul Purpose, Inner Purpose, and the Path of Light
When Faith is Tested
World Change - Is There Hope for Humanity's Future?
The New Spiritual Consciousness - An Emerging Paradigm Shift
Your Divine Soul Purpose -- Manifesting Your True Life's Mission
A Spiritual View of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

October 2007

Understanding Intense Emotions -- How to Manage Today's Heightened Levels of Stress
The Transformation of Spiritual Consciousness
All of Life is Spiritual Life
When Two Become One - The Gift of Sacred Marriage
Movements of the Heart
The Challenge of Manifesting at this Time
The Way of Being Led
The New Planetary Consciousness
The Way of Inner Guidance - Knowing What is True
Emotional Intensity and the Recurrence of Old Patterns
The Purpose of Silence

September 2007

The Pursuit of Rainbows
Moving Into Light - The Time of Transition
Soul Purpose and Intuitions of the Future
Spiritual and Physical Influences at the Moment of Conception
Trusting the Opening of Insight and Intuition
The Spiritual Energy of Ordinary Things

August 2007

The Presence Of Light And The Expression Of Darkness In The World
The Tears of the Earth
The Relationship of One to Many

July 2007

A Spiritual View of Aging
The Spiritual Nature of Trees
Letting Go of the Past - The Time for Forgiveness
Live Earth Asks Us To Answer the Call
The Fulfillment of Wishes - A Brief Spiritual History
The Time Has Come - The Power of Our Thoughts

June 2007

Living Without Blame - The Way of Peace
Letting Go and Why It Is So Difficult
The Rose and the Thorn
Help Heal the Earth
The Psychic and the Spiritual - An Unfolding Reality
Beginning a Spiritual Practice - Creating an Altar
The Secret Inner Life of Alzheimer's Disease - A Spiritual View

May 2007

The Practice of Sacred Breathing
The Heart Of The Earth - An Emerging Reality
The Body's Consciousness: Encoding From The Soul
The Great Spiritual Awakening Of The Earth
A Sacred Life: Awakening to Spirit
Manifesting Abundance in Life: Why Difficulties Continue
The Capacity For Discernment - Linking Spiritual Practice And Political Observation
The Challenge of Death and Dying: Letting Go of a Loved One

April 2007

You Are Beautiful - The Path of Remembrance
Violence in Virginia and the Time We Are In - A Spiritual Perspective
Attention Deficit Disorders and Related Problems in Children - A Spiritual View
Soul Relationships and Physical Relationships
The Meaning of Dreams
The Weeping of the Earth for Her Children - A Planetary Prayer for Light
Beginning a Spiritual Practice - The Importance of Beginning
When Family Members Drift Apart - A Spiritual Perspective
The Challenge of Death and Dying - Caring for Aging Parents
The Nature of Dreaming - A Doorway Into Multiple Realities
The Destiny of Nations - Part II

March 2007

The Destiny of Nations
Waiting for Someone Else to Change
A Spiritual View of Autism
What Happens While We Sleep: A Spiritual Perspective
Global Purification: The Separation of Light and Darkness
A Spiritual View of Depression - Living With the Unknown
America's Tears - The Healing of a Nation
Planetary Ascension
When Giving Is Not Based On Receiving: The Sacred Practice Of Opening The Heart
Living as a Soul
An End to Shame - The Journey of the Soul
The Path of the Heart
Why The World Cannot Wait

February 2007

The Valuing of Simplicity
Spiritual Awakening: The Opening of the Way
One World: The Movement Toward Unity
The Christic Seed
The Beliefs We Teach Our Children: The Next Step
A Time of New Beginnings
A Spiritual View of Depression
The Wisdom Within Depression: A Spiritual View
A Spiritual View of Depression: The Light That Shines in the Darkness
Holding the Light: The Present Nature of Global Purification
Listening Within: The Awakening of Intuition
Waiting as a Spiritual Practice
A Spiritual View of Depression: The Boundary of Self
Becoming Light: The Sacred Practice of Alignment
A Spiritual View of Mental Illness

January 2007

Children of the Light
Healing into Light - The Purification of Individuals and of the Earth
There Is No Such Thing As Failure
A Spiritual View of Depression: The Hunger for Light
Daily Meditation - Spiritual Support in Today's World

December 2006

Finding Daily Inspiration in Difficult Times
The Blessing of the Present Moment
The Healing Presence of God's Love
You are Changing the World
The Dawning of a New Day
The Time of Transition
The Transformation of the Earth
Hope for the Earth

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