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The Time Of Transition

It is the time of new beginnings. The time that has been ordained since the beginning of time in which God’s holy love would make itself felt everywhere as a stirring within the human heart to go deeper within itself, to find the source of love and the source of peace within. It is the time of the birth of the soul within human consciousness, a birth that will create out of the ordinary what shall become a sacred humanity.

This time has been foretold from the beginning, bringing with it a transition into a new consciousness that has not been possible before - a collective awakening brought about by the advent of greater light. This light brings to each soul a sacred knowledge of its oneness with God and with every other soul. Thus, does the age of separation come to an end and a new era begin in which love can be given greater importance and the life of the soul come into full flowering. It is not here in its fullness yet, but its beginnings can be felt as the hunger for truth, for love, and for spiritual knowledge produced by the quickening of light within body, mind and emotions. And though forces of darkness are still present on both a global and personal level, the quickening of human consciousness still moves forward and cannot be prevented.

Each soul here today has chosen to be here, has chosen to participate in this profound transition that will affect every life on earth. Each soul, in its deepest heart, knows of the change that is coming and that is already present. For the signs of it, though invisible for the most part to outer eyes, can be felt as an inner vibration, an inner current of truth and of knowledge, and, indeed, as an inner calling.

The collective Whole of which each soul is a part is the bearer of light for the creation of a sacred humanity, and each soul that chooses to deliberately align with light contributes to that greater Whole, just as each one who turns away from it detracts from it. We are all one, and in that oneness there is no life that is truly apart, even though some may choose the path of separation. Therefore, be glad, for the light that arises will bring humanity to a consciousness of oneness with all of life, and the earth into a new state of being as a sacred and holy planet.

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