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Inspirational Prayer

Inspirational prayer can uplift, comfort and heal us. Sometimes when we are in great difficulty, our own prayers are not enough. We need help and the added light of other people praying for us and with us. This is also true of the angelic hierarchies and the realms of light who can pray with us and for us when we open ourselves in a heartfelt way.

For many years, this page was a place where people would request prayers for themselves or loved ones. 

We are honored to continue this service now on our WorldBlessings.net Prayer Circle page where you can email your prayer request, and also join us online every week for our Prayer Circle.

We also have a Healing Prayer page where people have written in to share prayers for healing that can bless, comfort and uplift others.

You can read some of our previous inspirational prayer requests that were sent in.  None of us is ever alone, even though we may feel ourselves to be, and you may find some of these prayer requests are similar to your own.

We send you love, light and healing.  Thank you so much for adding to the light, love and healing of the world by praying and asking for prayers.

If you are facing a difficult or desperate financial situation, this article may be of help to you:  Spiritual Guidance for Financial Prayers

Note - God bless all of you who return here to pray for the people who have requested prayers. I am deeply touched by your love! 

Read the Inspirational Prayers Requests Shared by Our Visitors

Click below to read the prayer requests from other visitors to this page. You can help bring more light to the world by sending light, love, and healing to those who have requested prayers.

If you wish, please feel free to share your comments with those who have requested prayers, which will bring comfort to them.

Prayer Requests January - February 2011 
Lord You are Good and Your Mercy endureth forever. Thank You Lord Jesus for spiritual life for my son Eddie and his family. Thanks and God Bless you …

Prayer Requests December 2010 
This family is in trouble, on so many levels. First of all,my husband needs a real well paying job.He hasn't had ongoing work for over 2 yr.s.He turned …

Prayer Requests November 2010 
Please pray that on Wednesday’s court date (Nov. 3rd) my lawyer is able to make great progress in finalizing my child custody issues without going to trial, …

Prayer Requests October 2010 
Hello, my name is Marina. My aunt had breast cancer three years ago which she survived. Now she's in the hospital again and we suspect it's cancer again. …

Prayer Requests June - September 2010 
Please pray for restoration for Matthew and I, for his heart to soften and open. Please pray for our health, happiness, and a lasting reconciliation.

Prayer Requests Library