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Trusting The Opening Of Insight And Intuition

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

There are many souls who are opening now to a deeper level of knowing and perceiving than generally occurs through the physical senses. Sometimes this knowing comes in the form of internal messages of a verbal kind.

Sometimes it comes in the form of wordless insights about others, about oneself, about the future, or about any other meta-perception that exceeds ordinary knowledge. These insights are occurring in an accelerated way, now, due to the presence of greater light on the earth. This light, absorbed by both body and consciousness, advances the state of spiritual knowing and understanding, producing a wealth of new experiences depending upon what a soul is open to.

In the face of these greater openings, doubt can also arise concerning the validity of the new, and especially in the beginning, a fear of taking them seriously or of being wrong about them can occur. For some, there may also be a fear of knowing more or sensing more because of previous feelings of not trusting the self or of feeling the self to be unworthy.

All doubt arises from an absence of light of sufficient strength to create clarity and a sureness about what one is feeling and sensing. In the presence of light and while immersed in it, doubt is replaced by clear-thinking and clear-seeing and at least for the moment, it becomes possible to know what is true and what is not true. Yet for many, the experience of clarity is not constant, and so when the moment of greater clarity passes, the self returns to lower level personality concerns and starts worrying again that its perceptions and intuitions are not real.

Stabilizing light in one's body and consciousness is of great importance when one is beset by doubt, since the constancy and continuity of a vibrational atmosphere in which one lives, breathes, and conducts all the activities of the day, seals out the forces creating doubt and allows the vibration of the mental and emotional bodies to remain relatively constant. While all doubt will only be removed when a sufficiently high vibration of light enters the picture, lower levels of doubt can be eliminated even now, and the psyche can become significantly less troubled by concerns of being wrong or misguided.

The problem of learning to see clearly applies not only to the phenomenon of developing extraordinary or intuitive perception, but also to the phenomenon of seeing oneself clearly and others clearly. Here, too, perception has often been governed by personality factors that have created emotional filtering and a skewed view of others. When insight occurs, this generally takes the form of seeing one's own motivations and attitudes more clearly as well as seeing the other more clearly, and so there are greater opportunities now, in the presence of increased light, for the healing of relationships to take place.

Another area in which illuminated insight can have a healing effect is in the area of intuiting things about the future. One can have an inner perception of what is to come based entirely on an inner knowing, because the soul can communicate such knowledge to the conscious mind which may carry it with varying degrees of confidence. Though the future cannot be fully known because it is in a continual process of unfoldment, there are many primary currents related to planetary transformation which remain stable and can be seen, felt, and sensed, based on the increased infusion of soul-knowledge into the personal self.

Such soul-knowledge is always positive, because the outlook for the future that is transmitted from the soul does not contain fear but only hope, and because God's plan for the earth is one of great promise and of the fulfillment of promises made in the beginning. However, where fearful elements are added to this perception, it is generally because the personal or smaller self is viewing the original intuitive perception from its own standpoint of observation, and is feeling unready to meet the future portrayed, or afraid of the changes that lie ahead.

The capacity for increased insight, today, occurs because of the accelerated movement between dimensions of consciousness. This brings knowings of the higher self or soul into the sphere of conscious mental activity in increasing amounts. This phenomenon, a gift of the time we are in, asks of those who are experiencing intuitive openings to seek an inner way of validating and becoming comfortable with these through stabilizing one's awareness in the higher vibrations of light. In this way the higher elements of knowledge and intuition will continue to have clear access to the conscious self, and the conscious self will gain a greater measure of certainty about its new perceptions and insights.

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