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The Transformation Of The Earth

There is a great transformation going on upon the earth that will alter the ways in which human beings interact with each other as well as the ways in which each perceives themselves to be related to the rest of humanity.

This transformation is initiated by a force of light that is strengthening upon the planet, brought about by a Divine intentionality that created this timetable a long time ago, at the beginning of time.

All who are here, today, are being brought into the consciousness of the soul level of expression and are also being brought into the awareness of their oneness with every other soul. Out of this emerging awareness shall come a new beginning for the earth – one that will affect every area of life from the political, to the social, to the economic, to the ways in which people relate to the fundamental tasks of daily life. There is not one aspect of life that will not be affected by the change in human consciousness now taking place.

The transformational process, also known as 'purification', is a way through which human beings in body, heart, mind, and spirit can become one with their higher identity, freed from the limitations that the presence of separation from God has created. Purification sets free the embodied self to become more than it was capable of before. It allows the self to emerge from the chains which have held it back as it grows in light, understanding, and unity with all. There is no greater freedom that God has to offer to humanity than this – to be able to become all that one holds as a possibility within the self. It is this freedom that the process of purification and of transformation sets in motion.

As a result of these changes, that which has held darkness up until now shall be returned to the light. That which has felt alienated and alone shall discover its oneness with others. And that which has felt empty and has hungered for something nameless that could not be found, shall finally be filled through the experience of oneness with God and with all of life.

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