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The Resurgence Of Hope And What This
Means For You

We have entered into a new planetary cycle that is already beginning to manifest some of the greatly needed changes that have been long awaited by so many faithful souls who have worked to build a better world. You may be able to sense this already.

Many are feeling "change in the air", and are speak of hope, liberation and freedom in new ways that have not been seen for several generations now.

This resurgence of hope has manifested because so much darkness and negative energy have been released and purified, enabling a new level of God's light to begin to manifest upon the Earth. This new light is not an "idea" but is a vibrational reality which creates its own signature and impact on the physical world.

Just like a flashlight which serves to illuminate the cobwebs of a long neglected basement, the presence of greater spiritual light on the Earth stirs up dormant energies of separation and negativity, so they can be brought into the light of day, and then released into the greater light that now exists on the Earth. This process is known as purification, and it is happening everywhere, within individuals, groups, families, communities, countries and in the world at large.

The presence of greater light on the Earth not only accelerates the process of purification, but also changes the vibrational frequency of physical matter. This is having a major impact on our physical bodies, and on the physical body of our Earth. You may have noticed an acceleration of all kinds of unusual physical symptoms, some of which are simply an annoyance, others of which may be more serious and require professional attention.

By now we are all familiar with the significant changes in the Earth's weather patterns, which have been affected both by humanity's ongoing abuse and neglect of our environment, and also by the changes in vibration which are impacting all levels of our ecosystem from the depths of the inner Earth to the upper reaches of our atmosphere.

This process of planetary purification is very intense, and at the same time opens up entirely new possibilities for humanity. We can no longer live by the old ways, and we need to find new solutions to today's problems. These new solutions are already becoming evident and appearing on all levels of the world stage. From politics, to science, to medicine, to religion, and to the world of new technologies, human beings are being inspired and guided to create new avenues of possibility for themselves and their children.

For many years now the Earth has been covered by a cloud of energy that has obscured the perception of the light that has been growing. Now we are seeing finally some breaks in the clouds. The new light is streaming through and speaking to the hearts, minds and bodies of all those who are physically embodied on the Earth.

This new light speaks of hope, and the possibility of the new. Each soul on the Earth is being helped right now to find within themselves a deeper access to their divine soul purpose, and their own unique gifts. Your dreams and intuitions are being affected by the light, which is calling forth from the depths of all souls a new reality.

For some, this new light is so rapidly accelerating their own process of purification, that an overwhelming array of old emotions and physical symptoms are presenting themselves. For these souls, support and connection with others can greatly assist in remaining connected to the light, and having perspective about the intensity of emotions that are moving through their consciousness.

Dearest ones, this is a new time of infinite possibility, and it is also a time of choice and the need to take action. No longer can humanity sit on the sidelines to watch life as an observer. The new times ahead will require everyone's active participation. God's divine light is speaking to your heart, in your dreams, your daily life, and your intuitions. New possibilities and new hope are awakening. Listen within and follow the thread of light that calls. You will find a new life awaiting as you follow the voice of your deepest self, which is God's voice within.

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