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Soul Love

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

There are certain people whom we meet, where for no apparent reason the heart leaps out to love them, even when they cannot love us in return, and even when they may not be able to acknowledge our love at all.

These souls are brought into our lives through a pattern of soul resonance. The mind may not recognize how or why, but the heart does. Instinctively, it yearns to shower loving blessings upon the other, even when no form or way or avenue presents itself.

Such unpredictable and surprising loves of the heart are a testimony to the secret ways that we, as souls, are connected to others. Without knowing how or why, we meet our loved ones again and again, often waiting for them over many lifetimes, sometimes remaining together, sometimes drifting apart, sometimes passing like ships in the night with hardly a word exchanged.

It is important to validate these profound stirrings of the heart, for they are part of the soul and come from the place of sacred truth. Though soul-love may become distorted through fear of rejection, desire, or clinging, all of which bring additional motives into the picture, this pure and bright expression of the heart can still exist, even amidst distortions. It only needs to be sought with full intent in order to be found.

Within longstanding relationships such as marriage, the pure motive of soul-love is often tarnished through needs and fears which come to cloud its original purity. When this is the case, the relationship needs to be reclaimed and reinstated to its rightful place as an expression of soul-connection on the physical plane. To the extent that two people can strive to live in this way, the motive of generosity and the purity of love will once again flourish.

Some may think that it takes two to form a bond of love but in fact it only takes one. A selfless heart that seeks to love another can do so by committing itself to its own intrinsic nature, to its own deepest feelings, no matter how these feelings are responded to. When this happens, the relationship becomes progressively elevated to a purer and more light-filled state, sometimes visibly so, always invisibly so. This is true even when only one remains aligned with love.

Here, we have a way to change the world - not through waiting for others to change themselves, but through committing ourselves to remaining faithful to the love that flows naturally through us, whether toward one, two, or many. Each consciousness has the capacity to make this commitment. Each has the ability to stand in the light of love and contribute both to the healing of a planet and to the awakening of the soul.

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