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The Way of Being Led

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

So many, today, are desiring to be led by Divine guidance and intention, and seek to bring their lives into conformity with what God desires. These acts of love and surrender are offered from a heart that is increasingly open to love, both human and Divine, and that seeks to create a life that serves the earth and the upliftment of humanity.

And yet even with a pure motivation, there are many times when it is not clear that one is being led, many times when there are no markers or signs to pay attention to and no clear path forward. At such times, the soul may fall into doubt or even despair, for life continues on, and decisions must be made, often of a very practical nature, and without guidance, the embodied soul may feel left entirely to its own devices.

This predicament is common, for the way of being led is not often continuous in its exterior manifestations, but may offer clear insight and inspiration at points along the way, with the heart needing to traverse and guide the path through the intermediary zone between the clearer markers. What the mind does not know, often the heart must discern, not through any conceptual knowledge, but through its own aversion or attraction toward particular goals or directions. Thus, in the absence of clear directives, and even in their presence, the heart's resonance with a particular goal, person, situation, or plan can be a sure guide to the emerging path of the soul.

Nevertheless, in circumstances where the heart's intuition must be relied upon exclusively, it is easy for doubt to arise about acting correctly or about making mistakes. In such instances, it is essential to remember that God is aware of all movements that are made, and creates a steering effect through the pattern of the heart's resonance, as much as through any other principle for action or non-action. Also, there are areas of movement within life where the choice of which direction to go in can be one of several possibilities, that is, in which there is no 'best' choice. At such times, the soul must travel according to its own preferences, and continue on its way until a defining moment occurs in which Divine intention swoops in with a clear motion which then determines subsequent steps that will be taken.

The soul that out of devotion and love aspires to a life that is led, must learn how to override issues of doubt and of fear, including the fear of making a mistake. Both attitudes often arise out of the soul's past history, rather than being relevant in the present. The soul, having set aside these encumbrances, then moves forward in trust, allowing the heart to determine the choices along the way, until something else that is unforeseen and unexpected, appears.

This is the way of being led for many. It is a way of partnership and of grace whose foundation is trust. Trust must underlie the movement forward so that it is assumed that all is well and all is being watched over, and that if one were in error, it would be made known to the surrendered self. The embodied soul, feeling often of little importance due to attitudes of separation arising out of past conditioning, and unaware of its own Divine being and core, can be vulnerable to doubt and to thinking it is alone, based on the idea that it is not important enough to be watched over. However, this is not the truth of a guided life. In response to the request to be led comes the attribute of blessing. And while blessing may not appear as a clear action from a Divine source during certain phases of life, it always includes the attribute of being watched over so that one moves in a direction that is constructive and fulfilling of one's soul purpose and of Divine intention.

While it is also true that sometimes guidance appears and the cues are missed or ignored, this happens less frequently than one might think for hearts that are genuinely seeking guidance. Such a heart is ever listening for the clues that are whispered on the wind of Divine breath, and is not likely to turn aside from something that is breathed through the consciousness more than momentarily.

It is a matter, therefore, of asking to be led, of praying to have a pure heart and clear understanding so that one can know the road ahead, and of trusting that one will be responded to at all times, even when no overt external direction may be seen. This is the blessing of leading a grace-filled and Divinely-inspired life, and it is the birthright and Divine heritage of every child of God.

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