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History of the Soul's Journey
Through Time - Part II

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

As human consciousness emerges from the sleep of the ages in which it has rested for a very long time, forgetting its Divine origins and reducing the scope of its knowledge almost exclusively to the realm of the physical, the celestial hierarchies rejoice in the emergence into awakeness of another part of the family of souls, as well as the emergence into greater life of the planetary being that is the Earth.

This time of emergence is one that has been foretold from the beginning, acknowledged in the sacred texts of many religious and spiritual traditions as the Golden Age to come and as the redemption of the Earth. It has, since the beginning, been looked to as the fulfillment of the age-old prophecy of completion and of resurrection into new life and light. However, the vestiges of the past that are part of humanity's immersion in the density of matter have taken a toll on the consciousness of man and must be released before full emergence into the new light can take place. The residual ways of seeing the world through separated eyes, eyes that experience fear, suspicion, doubt, greed, the hunger for power, the willingness to take from another - these eyes must give up their avarice and, in the letting go, discover that there is no one else to take from, for all others exist as part of one's self.

In today's world, the separation of brother and 'other' is still rampant. It permeates the consciousness of 'developed' nations in relation to 'developing' nations, and within many nations, the consciousness of ethnic, racial, or tribal groups toward each other. Such a separated group consciousness has no place in the family of souls. This is not to say that the groups that define communities of indigenous peoples around the world have no place in the future, only that the pitting of one ethnic or racial group against another in order that one have more and the other have less - this competition for the wealth of the Earth and for the supremacy of power must cease.

What will make the difference in terms of the progressive removal of the residues of ethnic or racial competition and the seeking of power over others is twofold: the clear understanding that all men and women are brothers and sisters, forming one family of souls. And the simultaneous understanding that there is enough for all when Spirit is allowed to provide for the life of the Earth.

Prior to this time, it was not known or knowable that there was enough for all. The consecration of consciousness had not yet taken place, nor could it have. Instead, the consciousness of scarcity in most areas gave rise to a competitive need to gain the most and to retain the most, often at the expense of others. However, with human awareness becoming more illumined by Divine light, and with individual will desiring to be joined to Divine will and intention, what is needed will appear of its own accord and will be of benefit to all, not just to a few. In the presence of this shift, those who wish to retain greater wealth for the benefit of the few will be seen as belonging to another time and another era, and, indeed, will find their further growth taking place along a different evolutionary chain.

In terms of the distribution of wealth upon the Earth, no longer will there be a distinction between 'developed' and 'developing' nations. All nations will be 'developing' and all will be desirous of discovering resources and technologies that can be shared with the entire planetary body. Each nation may have different contributions to make to the greater Whole, but there will no longer be a segregation of the world into 'haves' and 'have-nots' and into the less and more fortunate. All will be seen as blessed, and all will be seen as equal in God's eyes.

Though the era of human unity and the experience of universal love has yet to emerge in a visible way upon the Earth, it is in its formative stage at the present time and is receiving fuel from the consciousness of many embodied beings as well as from the realms of light. Therefore, when the time is right, its external manifestation will appear.

May all know and feel the movement of the new into human consciousness, bringing with it a wave of love that shall end, forever, the face of poverty and separateness upon the Earth.

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