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The Christic Seed

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Buried within each individual consciousness is the Christic seed – that aspect of the Christ-consciousness that is God's love, fully present within the center of being to be called upon when the embodied self is ready to allow love to expand and separation to be erased from awareness.

This seed of truth is the knowledge that all are held within a universal context of infinite love that lies at the heart of Creation. It is based on the disappearance of what has been historically present as the fear of harm and the need for self-protection that come from feeling separate and alone. Within each psyche, however, lies the knowledge that this is not true. That it has never been true. That instead of fear being the formidable ruler governing human action that it has been, love and cooperation can become the equally powerful means by which humanity engages with each other upon the earth and builds a new society.

The seed of Divine love implanted within the heart is coming further into awareness now, held lightly by some and more potently by others as that which generates new behaviors and a new, unfolding outlook on life. These new orientations toward life and toward relationships need to blossom as a flower does after it first emerges as a bud. They need to effect change on all levels of society and within all levels of each individual being. For love that has been born within the human heart today is meant to become the firm foundation for a new society and a new way of relating to the world. It is not an event that can be postponed any further. It is an event whose time is now and whose practicality will seem ever more possible as the old ways of doing things seem less realistic and less successful than before.

Over and over the human heart must repeat to itself when fear of any kind arises – I am not the fear that separates; I am the love which joins. I am not the self that seeks its own way in life; I am the self that seeks to prosper the ways of all. These affirmations, held deeply within the heart's consciousness, will begin to shower upon the outer self new possibilities for converting former behaviors that have been limiting, into actions that can be more open and expansive. For in all things, love can show the way if it is not limited and constrained by self-protection and the sense of endangerment.

The Christic seed within each heart is waiting to be born. It is waiting to be given permission to come into the light of day and to operate as the precious and beautiful flower of Divine love that each human has the right and the power to express. When the day dawns that all of mankind shall have unfolded this seed that has lain dormant for so long, then the world will know itself to be a place of peace and beauty – one in which God's mercy and abundant love can find a home.

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