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Blessings of the Light

Spiritual Guidance Messages from the Realms of Light

 Our Blessings of the Light spiritual guidance messages were received from 2006 to 2013, and offered spiritual guidance about the transformation process that the Earth is going through, and how this affects each of us.  

These messages help uplift the soul and create a path of light that can be followed by those who read them regularly.

Blessings of the Light messages have continued in a new form, and the original messages are now archived at WorldBlessings.net, our online spiritual community which offers additional support, groups, classes, and spiritual healing resources.

In more recent times, the name of our spiritual guidance messages has changed to reflect the need of our current moments.  In 2020 we began receiving the Daily Messages of Light each weekday, which offer greater support to us during these more challenging times.

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