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The New Reality Of Energy

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

We have tended to think of matter as solid and of thoughts and feelings as invisible and insubstantial. More like air than like anything physical. Now, it turns out that both physical matter and our thoughts and feelings are all composed of energy. Indeed, the entire physical reality that we know of is composed of energy, despite the fact that it appears solid to our eyes.

The new interpretation of reality as being based in energy, whether it is outer reality or inner, comes from an understanding of the principles of spiritual light. These principles teach us in both conceptual and practical ways, that the energy of light can penetrate physical matter and interact with it in ways that could not take place if it were actually solid and impenetrable. Rather, spiritual light acts as a powerful force or current that can merge with anything, and in so doing, can transform that thing from within.

The increase of light upon the earth, today, has begun to show itself in the expansion of consciousness of some, reflected in the new experiences of intuition, inspiration, and other-dimensional awareness that could not have taken place years ago. This infusion of light into our mental process has created a return to a deeper level of knowing and of perception than many of us have felt previously in our lives.

Simultaneously, the infusion of light can create temporary mental disturbances - difficult areas of thought that one would prefer not to encounter, areas that feel like they cannot be counteracted by an effort of will, but that seem to take up occupancy in the brain, unbidden.

The same is true for emotional life. The energy of light interacts with the energy of emotion, producing states that are unexplainable of peace, joy, love, and a sense of inner strength that one may not have felt before. This same infusion of spiritual light can also bring up emotions that have been long forgotten or repressed, that now clamor for attention and for healing.

These internal events are stirred by the interaction of light with the energy of thought and feeling. They are bringing us, individually and collectively, into a new consciousness of who we are as Divine children of God. On an external level as well, the energy of light is interacting with the energetic matrix of physical matter - the part that we know of as atomic and sub-atomic particles - to create within that energetic matrix a new relationship of particles, a new way of matter being held together. The difference is not one that is entirely visible to the eye, and yet some can notice when the trees, plants, and birds in the yard seem to be more alive and have greater vitality. It is more difficult to notice that the earth as a whole, including the entire realm of nature, is becoming more transparent to light and less dense.

We have come a long way in our understanding of the human psyche, and there is far more to go. Today's challenge is to recast the psychological understanding that we have held for so long regarding thought, feeling, and matter, into a new frame of reference in which all that exists is energy, and as such, follows Divine principles that are part of the construction of the universe and of physical reality.

Blessed is this time of transformation, for the earth's transition into light and that of individual consciousness will manifest a new and abundant way of life for the inhabitants of the earth.

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