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Living As A Soul

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

For each of us, to be a ‘self’ means something very personal, very different from every other. And yet there are commonalities. Throughout history, we have defined ourselves in terms of our bodily experiences and the characteristic ways in which we respond to life – our typical feelings, thoughts, and desires.

This is what it has meant to be human and to be an ‘I’. Now, however, due to the presence of greater spiritual light on the earth, we have the opportunity to begin to think of ourselves less as bodies or even as feelings and thoughts, and more as souls. We begin to be able to live as souls.

To live as a soul changes many things. It opens the mind of the heart that knows more than the conscious mind so that more can be felt in the way of truth about people and about life. It opens the eyes to see in a different way, so that what formerly appeared to be physical and solid, now appears as energy currents interacting with other energy currents throughout time and space and beyond. It opens the heart's love, so that the self-protective boundary that keeps us in roles within a small circle of life, can be released in favor of love's desire to share itself with all of life. This desire of the heart to extend love everywhere is supported by a greater inflow of love which comes from the higher levels of our being, making it possible to give of ourselves more because we are connected at all times with the spiritual universe and with the Source from which love comes.

This huge change in perception is created by spiritual longing, and also by the advent of greater light which makes possible an opening into other levels of awareness, including awareness of the deeper levels of who we are. Such changes are not something that the mind can think or the will intend. They are part of spiritual awakening. And while the mind and heart can prepare the way for such awakening, the opening itself is more of an act of grace than of thought, bestowed upon all who inhabit the planet at this time, especially those who are receptive to the higher vibrations of light. This light illuminates the further reaches of consciousness that have existed in shadow, so that more becomes possible now because more has become real.

The new, soul-reality brings to us a sense of participation in the vast and mysterious universe of which we are a part, and brings to everyday reality the same mystery. No longer is it possible to see events as just 'there', or to think that things happen randomly or by chance. No longer is it possible to justify hatred, violence, or the seeking of revenge, for there is no one who is not felt to be part of us - no one whose harm would not bring harm to us and whose greater wellbeing would not bring us greater good. This benevolence toward all is the soul’s natural state of perception, and it lifts us out of the usual state of limitation we have lived in, creating an expanded view of life.

The great gift that we bring to the earth through the awareness of ourselves and others as souls is the gift of peace and harmony, as well as of love. For when others are seen as souls with a Divine essence and sacred purpose for being here, then we can no longer regard anyone on the basis of what they look like or where they came from. All differences diminish as compared with the common thread that binds us, permitting us to see others as brother and sister souls, as close to us as our own self. This perception is at the heart of soul-awareness, and it is this essential shift in consciousness that will enable the earth we live on to become the sacred planet it is meant to be.

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