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Purification and Truth - The Task of Light

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Today, there is much darkness that covers events and people on the world stage - in nations where violence is everywhere and no one is safe, in governments where deception is widespread and honesty barely visible, and among groups of people who are willing to hate and blame others who are different from themselves. All of these forms of darkness abound in the world at present.

Yet in the midst of this, in the midst of the wars, genocides, and conflicts, in the midst of the hatreds born out of illusion and neglect, a new breeze is blowing - the breeze of truth and of hope. This is a current of energy that is based in spiritual light that seeks out deception and exposes it. It seeks out fraud and undermines it. It seeks out what is good and true among leaders and tries to rid leadership of that which may have been long-established, but which is lacking in moral fiber.

Spiritual light brings into focus the truth of all things. The truth of one's own inner nature. The truth of what peoples and governments are really about. The truth of the agendas of the powerful. It exposes these agendas so that there is no longer a place for them to hide. It illuminates them, so there is no longer an audience willing to be gullible, willing to be deceived. Wherever, on the earth, deception has taken place at the hands of the mighty, there, light will do the work of uncovering and of revealing that which is really taken place.

Already, there have been many such revelations in countries around the world. Already, what has gone on behind the scenes, justified by security needs and by the ability of a select few to use power in secretive ways - these manipulations are more and more coming to light, and those who have practiced them are increasingly being asked to become more accountable. For it is the 'day of the revelation of truth', and greater amounts of truth will be exposed to the world's attention until deception is rooted out from the hiding place where it has lived - until it becomes unable to find a dwelling place any longer.

This passage from falsehood to truth in governments, among people, within communities, and in all walks of life where people strive to get ahead at the expense of others, has often involved the justification of deception in service to the desire for power or control of different kinds. This will no longer be allowed to continue as the energy of light further transforms the spiritual atmosphere of the earth. For light brings with it a 'truth-telling' function. Even now, when just a little has been exposed of hidden agendas and behind-the-scenes movements that were unknown just a short time ago - even now, the uncovering of truth is gaining momentum. It will continue to do so until there is no stone unturned, no rock that may hide falsehood beneath it.

While this applies on a large scale to governments and peoples, it also applies on a smaller scale to each individual consciousness which, in the presence of greater spiritual light, will find revealed within itself, all that has remained hidden, repressed, denied, or avoided in the past. This revelation of one's own truth will be a great gift to some and a great burden to others. For it will mean that individuals will have to face themselves in new ways, and deal with feelings that may have been brushed aside before.

In the long run, the power of light to create a more truthful world will cleanse it of those elements that have been hiding behind pat phrases and glib posturing in order to appear honest and concerned with the welfare of all. This 'seeming', wherever it occurs, will be replaced by true compassion, by caring for others, and by wanting to rid oneself of all that stands in the way of greater love.

The merging of light and truth has great power to change the world, and already the world has the possibility of becoming new. The beginning of this purification is all around us and within us. It is infiltrating all the hidden places of the heart and mind so that bright new beings can emerge from the shadows of the past. It is awakening a longing for honesty and compassion, so that old ways of being are no longer acceptable. It is declaring the virtue of love so that the taking up of arms no longer becomes the preferential choice. And it is infusing the consciousness of mankind, so that a new and sacred world can be created on this holy Earth.

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