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The Challenge Of Manifesting At This Time

At this very special and momentous time in the Earth's history, many people are awakening spiritually and coming to realize the vast potentials and gifts of living a life in harmony with spirit. An evolutionary shift is happening, and as more people awaken, the momentum of spiritual growth for all of humanity accelerates as well.

One of the most challenging aspects of spiritual life comes when it comes time to live the spiritual realizations that we've had, in our day to day realities. As we are confronted with the daily tasks, choices, opportunities and challenges of life, many obstacles can appear, seemingly out of nowhere. These obstacles can create discouragement or even despair, especially in those who are new to the spiritual path and who may not have a full understanding of what is happening.

At this specific time in history, there are momentous changes happening on the Earth, both physically and vibrationally. Greater levels of spiritual light are manifesting both in the energy body of the Earth and also physically. The higher vibrations of light are having a transformative effect on physical matter and on our bodies, and are creating a process of purification that is happening both globally and on an individual level.

The process of purification is a gift from God that heals all wounds and reveals all that has been in need of healing that was previously hidden. We are seeing this effect in global events that reveal what was previously hidden, and that expose patterns, thoughts and actions of negativity that were previously entrenched and intractable. As these wounds are exposed, greater consciousness and light can be brought to them, which opens new possibilities and pathways for healing.

Because this process of purification is so active on the Earth right now, there is a massive and dynamic interplay between energies of light and energies of darkness. These are like spiritual weather patterns that affect all of us the Earth. At the ultimate spiritual levels of reality, these energies are One, and in the physically manifested universe they exist as polarities which originally allowed the individuated human consciousness to develop. Humankind developed a sense of "I" as separate from the whole, and now that this development has reached its maximum potential, and at the present time there is a shift now happening that will allow humanity to begin to experience ourselves as One with All even as we are "I".

This very dynamic interplay of energies is creating great emotional intensity for many people, and is also affecting both individual and collective consciousness. The effect is similar to feeling waves of energy that wash through one's body, mind and emotions. Some waves are sudden and unexpected, and can create a momentary feeling of being toppled by them.

As people are awakening spiritually and coming to an understanding of how thought creates reality, they can feel dismayed to see and feel such difficulties in their daily life. It may be helpful to realize that your own individual life is connected with a much larger event that is happening right now on the Earth, and that some of what you may be experiencing is related to this larger process. By anchoring your consciousness in God's love, light and goodness, it becomes possible to pass through the current turbulence without feeling overwhelmed.

This current energy configuration is also creating some challenges related to the process of manifestation. There is a phenomenon called the resistance of matter to light which you may have experienced when you have attempted to take steps towards manifesting a light filled intention. You may have received strong inner guidance related to a specific path, direction or project that your heart called you to. You could feel the light, the love and the goodness of this guidance. Then, as you take steps towards making this guidance a reality, suddenly all manner of difficulties appear. It feels exactly the opposite of "flow", and many who experience this begin to feel that they have some kind of problem with manifestation ... that their inner belief structures or emotional issues are preventing this flow.

It is always helpful to look within and examine your beliefs, emotions and thought patterns, but these may not be the only cause of the challenges you are facing. The phenomenon of the resistance of matter to light may be operating, within the dynamic interplay of energies that is happening right now on the Earth. This is a passing phenomenon, and will no longer be operational once the presence of God's light has manifested in a more completely on the Earth and within physical matter.

What this requires of us at the present moment is patience, and a willingness to persevere and to continue to focus on our light filled goals and intentions without succumbing to despair. A sense of humor helps as well, to lighten the energy and move beyond the frustrations that can occur in this current atmosphere. Most importantly, it helps to find ways to be able to feel God's love, light and peace upholding you even in the midst of the storms. A regular spiritual practice, daily health practices that bring nourishment to your body, and a loving spiritual community can support you in moving more fully into the new dimensions of spiritual light that are unfolding for us all at this time.

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