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The Tears Of The Earth

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

The earth's being, like that of a human being, is capable of suffering and of experiencing pain, not in the sense that human beings experience pain through their sensory organs and emotional body, but through the incapacity for light and breath to filter through her spiritual body and atmosphere so that all functions become clogged and heavy, causing an inability to live in the way that her potential and capacity would have her live.

This limitation to the functioning of all of her eco-systems has been a part of the earth's being for a long time now, due to the misuse of resources and lack of concern for the ecology of the earth that human beings have expressed both personally and as a society. The pain of the earth is not only for herself, however, but also for her children, since their suffering is her suffering and their consciousness is her consciousness as well. Therefore, the violence and cruelty that is perpetrated upon the earth by human beings toward each other is felt by the earth as a violation against life and as a counterforce to the expansion of life and breath within her as well.

The state of limitation and heaviness, of pain and suffering, has been part of the earth's history and is undergoing a change at this time. Her tears are being replaced by new forces of light within the earth's atmosphere that are also being channeled into the physical body of the earth itself. These forces are powerful enough to completely alter the status of the earth's condition, and especially when aided by the human component of directed intention, the earth can begin to revive within those very systems that have become opaque, clouded, and heavy.

With the earth's eco-systems, the complex web of interrelationships between different forms of life has become greatly disturbed by the lack of consistent care to these delicate relationships. Where violations of major habitats that house the world's creatures have taken place or violations of the land itself, this has caused the web of life to become significantly out of balance and in need of restoration and rebalancing. Such is the greatness of the need at this time that were it not attended to, the planetary basis for supporting life on the planet would be seriously undermined.

Fortunately, the trend toward violation and indifference is being reversed now, and with the help of all beings who are instituting a new approach to the earth's resources and toward the priority placed on hoarding or amassing large portions of these resources, this healing will continue.

For now, attention must be drawn to man's relationship with the earth herself, so that within each consciousness lives the understanding that each person exists in a primary relationship with the planetary body that cannot be taken for granted, no more than a significant family relationship can be taken for granted. This relationship is one that continues day in and day out, and must be regarded as essential in all of the many undertakings and decisions that human beings make throughout the day. No longer is it possible to allow the care of the earth to be in someone else's hands. It must become an immediate and present concern for each individual being who understands that we are part of one body, and as such, anything that we do that is neglectful, indifferent, or harmful affects the whole.

May all come to see their true relationship with the earth and with the body of Life, for in truth, there is no one who does not have an effect on the whole, and no one whose life cannot add to it in great measure.

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