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Expanding the Sphere of the Heart

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Many people live within the boundaries of a small sphere of perception and interest. Within this sphere, everything is very real, very meaningful and emotionally penetrating.. What happens within this sphere affects the heart, the mind, and even the body.

Included here, are often one's immediate family, certain job or workplace issues, health-related concerns, close friendships, significant hopes or dreams, activities that feel central to one's life.

Outside the sphere are other people at a greater emotional distance, less significant work-related issues, more distant friends and relations, and, often, the rest of the world.

The sphere of personal interest in which all is very 'real' is changing today, and must change, so that the world can become more whole and so that the human family can recognize itself as such.

The immediate sphere of reality that concerns the heart is defined by several things, among them:

  1. The presence or absence of a crisis or other serious challenge that must be faced. Such a challenge or crisis generally overshadows all else.

  2. The influence of fatigue or a sense of overwhelm which creates a desire to withdraw from more remote concerns in order to focus on what is nearer,

  3. A sense of limitation within the heart which feels that there is not enough supply of love to meet any more needs or expectations. Here, the heart's own nourishment or lack thereof is key.

  4. An absence of insight into the inner states of others so that these others lack three-dimensionality and are seen primarily in terms of their outer role or presentation. And finally,

  5. Lack of awareness of one's intimate relationship with the larger context of planetary life.

All of these factors are influenced by our spiritual development. All transform in the presence of greater consciousness which allows the self to feel larger, clearer, more capable, and more present to what is around the self.

In particular, the sphere of the heart expands to the extent that we experience an identification with others - to the extent that we feel a kinship and inner knowing of who they are and what their life is about. This identification permits an emotional closeness to exist that would not be present if it were not for the sense of empathy or resonance.

What is 'empathy' or 'resonance', and how do we find it?

On one level, empathy is an emotional quality relating to sympathy, understanding, compassion, and identification. On another level, empathy is the state of understanding of the oneness of all human beings in their core or center. On still another level, empathy may be considered a presentness to all of life.

Today, the sphere of the heart is expanding. It is expanding because new life is being infused into it through the greater spiritual light that is currently available on the planet. This light is causing changes for many in emotion, thought, and awareness. Nevertheless, the awakening of the heart to the larger sphere of which it is a part has only just begun. It has much further to go before we see and feel the manifestation of its effects on a collective level. Despite this, there is, at this time, the possibility for each one who chooses to, to assist the process of personal and global awakening through a desire to do so, and through conscious attention to certain simple things that form part of daily experience:

First, observe the times during the day when you are 'tuned out', not really listening to what is being said to you or caring about who is saying it.

Second, notice the degree to which you feel either emotionally touched or grateful for small things that happen during the day. These small 'gifts' can come from people, but they can also relate to the events of the day and to the very air we breathe. Gratitude for one's experience is a testimony to the fact that one has been 'present' during the day.

Third, ask yourself how much you have expressed love this day - not just to your spouse, partner, or children, but also to others, and even to those whom you may not know.

Noticing and changing these three things can expand the sphere of the heart. They can expand the heart's capacity and bring greater consciousness to everyday life. In this way, one's personal awakening can benefit the planet.

This spiritual awakening is taking place on the Earth, today, as the currents of light influencing the Earth become stronger. Eventually, it will touch the hearts of all. In the meantime, the Earth itself waits for all of humanity to awaken. For the love that one bestows upon one's neighbors is the love one bestows on the Earth itself. Such love helps to heal both the collective human consciousness and the planetary body as well.

The sphere of the heart is an ever-expanding sphere, with no limits except for those that human consciousness places upon it. It is limitless because the individual heart is part of the heart of God, and it is capable of infinite love because it can draw from a source of nourishment that is Love, a source that is ever present and part of the heart itself.

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