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Letting Go Of The Past - The Time
For Forgiveness

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Now is a time for letting go of things of the past that have caused heartache, and of the judgments which have been made in order to ease the heart's pain through a sealing off of forgiveness toward the source of the wounding.

This sealing off prevents further healing from taking place, not only in the specific relationship within which the woundedness occurred, but also within the deeper recesses of the heart and body that holds an area of dysfunction which remains 'raw'.

Resentment, judgment, and an unwillingness to forgive binds us to the past as much as the heaviest chain of association and commitment. It holds us in a place of stasis so that no further movement is possible in the area in which forgiveness has not taken place. This unwillingness to let go is based on a desire to relieve pain by hardening the heart, therefore creating at one and the same time a sense of invulnerability to the repetition of being hurt again, and also a sense of being able to do something, internally, to rectify the situation.

However, hardening of the heart is a false solution to a real problem. What hardens the heart also restricts the flow of life energy to all parts of the body and consciousness. What hardens the heart also limits the capacity of the soul to enter the body because the hardness effectively creates a closed door to the soul's expression. It is only the softening of the heart that can produce a healing of the body and soul. It is only the melting away of anger that can free the consciousness to become aware of life's gifts so that resentment does not predominate. Where anger, resentment, and blame prevail, there life cannot be experienced in its fullness, but only through the small crack in the armor that judgment and lack of forgiveness permit.

The necessity for letting go of the past becomes more critical today as the presence of increasing light exposes to awareness those things that one has held onto that cannot merge with the higher light. These areas of opacity prevent further healing from taking place, and, if held onto with great force, can prevent the soul from receiving that which it seeks the most – namely peace, and a sense of trust once again in life's wholeness.

The belief that one is in charge of one's own life is true in relation to the things we choose to create or to refrain from creating. Yet, this is always qualified by the fact that we interact at all times with other planes of existence, and so what we choose to create on this plane will interact with its effects on other planes and bring to us consequences that are unforeseen, since we were unaware that they existed within a larger picture.

Thus, it is with forgiveness and its absence. The higher spiritual planes cannot penetrate the heart that is hardened by a decision to remain closed to love and to remain anchored in blame. In order for grace to prevail, there must be a willingness to let this go.

Therefore, to those of the earth who are presently engaged in conflict with the full sense of justification that it must be, let it be said that there can never be a state of peace that arises out of victory in such conflict, for peace can only arise out of letting go of anger and blame. It can never arise out of victory over another whom one, for the moment, has defeated.

In this moment of time, before the entrance into the physical plane of even greater conflict than is presently occurring, and in order to prevent such conflict from taking place, let us diligently cleanse our hearts of all that we hold of antagonism toward others and of judgment toward ourselves and others, so that in this crucial moment of planetary transformation, we can contribute to the outcome of ongoing change by becoming a force for peace.

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