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What Is Spiritual Purification?

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Spiritual purification is not an intellectual process, but one that is initiated by the creative power of light - the very force of Creation that was manifested at the beginning of time and that furthers Divine intention throughout time.

Spiritual light travels across all dimensions of reality, both physical and non-physical, affecting one's body as well as one's consciousness. This is particularly true for those who are already more light-filled and more sensitive to energies. But it is also true for those who are less sensitive.

While some people, today, are making a deliberate effort to purify, there are many more for whom this development is taking place without conscious intention, due to the intensification of spiritual light on the Earth. As those aspects of consciousness that are not aligned with light are uprooted from body, mind, and emotions, they begin releasing into awareness, bringing new understandings and experiences on all levels of being. Some of these experiences are uplifting, some difficult to sustain. The process of clarifying and releasing on all levels, based on the action of light, allows the soul greater access to the outer personality-self, and forms the foundation and fundamental process of purification.

Light is also the Intelligence of God, conveying truth, love, and inspiration to the consciousness of mankind. Its purpose, to reveal a new vision and awareness of sacred reality to humanity so that mankind can live in direct and conscious relationship with the Source of life.

Though the purification process follows certain general principles, it is unique to each individual and can be entered into with different degrees of depth and commitment. Though it is meant to touch every level of human experience, its particular focus will be determined by the areas in need of healing in individuals.

For example, some may experience spontaneously arising intuitions of dietary changes that are needed to promote health. Unlike intellectual knowledge, these can come suddenly into consciousness, without prior intention or study in this area. Behind such intuition lies the intelligence of light and of the soul, conveying to the psyche which foods will promote greater healing and growth and which will not. Also, on a physical level, unusual symptoms may occur for a period of time that are undiagnoseable, caused by the movement of energy that is rearranging and opening pathways within the body.

In other instances, attention to mental process may become a central focus of purification, with greater light illuminating tendencies of mind that may be disturbing but that nevertheless influence behavior. Here, the striving toward separation from unwanted mental influences, and movement toward positive states of mind, become central to the purification process.

Emotional purification is a significant area of healing for most people, and as an effort is made to engage with this level and to become more conscious and responsible for the emotional energies one carries, undesirable ways of feeling and perceiving that may have seemed intractable in the past can finally be set free.

In the most basic sense, purification has to do with purity - with the aspiration toward cleansing the body, mind, and emotions of all that is separated from God's light and love. This cleansing results in a return to one's spiritual roots and identity. As the process unfolds, it deepens the desire to place one's spiritual life in the center of life, and to allow the rest of life to be shaped around this.

The level of commitment to the purification process grows as authentic experiences of spiritual reality take place, and also as the heart opens to greater truth. When these two developments are present in a powerful way, commitment can happen simply and with an absence of conflict. When they are less present, fear or resistance may be experienced by that part of the self that wishes to continue with habits that do not serve the wholeness of one's being. Such fear can gradually be absorbed by light as one continues with the process. However, it can also cause a turning away if one feels unready to deal with underlying issues.

In the end, the depth of purification will be determined both by light-conditions on the Earth which accelerate and deepen the process, and by the nature of the soul and the degree to which it has begun to communicate with the outer self.

As light increases on the Earth, the tendencies of mankind will naturally gravitate toward the development of a spiritual life, one in which the desire for the sacred arises spontaneously from one's heart, and in which nothing that is physical is separated from one's spiritual identity and core. In this way, all of life will become sanctified, and mankind will finally be able to open doors of perception and knowledge that have long remained closed to ordinary human experience.

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