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When Two Become One - The Gift of
Sacred Marriage

The gift of sacred marriage is one of God's greatest blessings. In today's world, the understanding of sacred marriage has been limited by concepts and customs that were created in an earlier age.

Today, at the cusp of humanity's transformation into a planet of light, the nature of all relationships, including those of sacred marriage, are being raised to a new level of consciousness and awareness.

In God's reality, all is One and all individual souls are part of the One that is God. From the perspective of our individual, human consciousness, we often feel alone and long for connection, companionship, and fulfilling relationships. The aloneness that we feel is a part of the consciousness of individuation that humanity has evolved since taking physical form, and at the current time in our evolution, there is now a much greater possibility to move beyond this to tap into the depth of god's love through our relationships and connections with others.

What makes more possible now in human relationships is related to the expansion of spiritual light on the Earth, which has accelerated humanity's transformational process. This influx of light has begun to awaken the hearts, minds and bodies of many people who are beginning to have a direct experience of god's love and light. This kind of direct experience can transform a life, and can heal that which may have felt impossible to heal.

In previous eras, the nature of sacred marriage was connected with duty, or related to practical necessities. Nowadays, as human relationships transform and become more conscious, the nature of sacred marriage enters a whole new domain of possibility that is related to two souls who become One in God, without releasing their individuality or unique identities.

This new form of relationship is the culmination of humanity's transition process, first from beings of light in the spiritual realms, who then took physical form while retaining their connection to the One... and then as increasingly physical beings, who became immersed in matter and became less aware of the spirit. Now, the circle is completing so that souls who attained the maximum individuation and separated consciousness are beginning to awaken to the remembrance of spirit.

When a soul begins to reconnect with their divine origins, a whole new world opens up before them. Many "needs" that were felt from the ego level of personality begin to disappear once the soul realizes its divine connection with the source of all love. As the soul begins to relax into its spiritual identity, doorways begin to open both emotionally and on the spiritual levels. A divine flow begins that weaves the threads of God's love and light into all aspects of daily life. Relationships take on a new brilliance and fullness, and there is less ego attachment which promotes the open exchange of greater levels of spiritual light.

As more souls begin to reconnect with their divine origins, the possibilities for relationships multiply exponentially. Love becomes the guiding force which breaks through all barriers of fear from the ego level of the self, and takes on a life of its own. It can be said that in a divine partnership, two become One within God. In such a divine partnership, two souls come together in surrender to God's will, which directs the relationship.

A sacred marriage comes about when two souls are guided through their love for each other, to join their hearts, minds, bodies and daily lives together into a new entity that is greater than either individual alone. A sacred marriage bond creates a synergy and a blessing that radiates outward to the world, and that can be seen and felt tangibly as the presence of light and love.

Sacred marriage exists in all cultures and religions, for it is not the beliefs or customs related to as marriage which create its sanctity, but rather the sacred intentionality of the participants. In today's world which sees both the dissolution of many marriages, and also much pain and confusion about the nature of intimate relationships, there is little guidance or information available to help those who wish to enter into such a partnership.

Sacred marriage requires an ongoing commitment from each participant, to love fully each day, and to release ego attachments and negativity that would cloud communication and create disharmony within the relationship. This kind of commitment is in essence a spiritual one, which brings the soul into alignment with God's love and divine purpose for that soul. Sacred marriage is a blessing and a gift, which models the way home, to a place and time when all of humanity lives in sacred relationships with each other and with all of life.

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