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The Relationship Of One To Many

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Although all of human history is filled with the advancement of knowledge of the nature of the human ego, its properties and capacities, its assets and its liabilities, the concept of self that has evolved has been but a stage in the progressive revelation of the nature of the self to consciousness, and new experience will ultimately prove present knowledge to be limited in relation to the sphere of expanding knowledge concerning the greater Self.

This greater Self is not only connected with higher realms of spiritual truth and light. It is also connected to the composite Self which contains all of humanity within it, and to an even greater Self that contains the souls of all that lives, including non- human creatures. The collective Self that is humanity which lives within each individual self, holds a consciousness of being One and an awareness of belonging and of being part of all. It cannot separate itself from any other any more than a blade of grass can claim to be separate from the rest of the grass in a meadow or field. The single element is no different than the whole; what distinguishes it is that it is a point of consciousness within an individual form.

The uniqueness of each individually embodied self in its expression, talents, aspirations, longings, and capacities has given rise to a highly developed sense of the unique individual – a purpose and outcome held for souls at the dawn of Creation that would give to each, complete freedom of expression within embodied form. Nevertheless, it was also determined that the awareness of individuality would, at a particular juncture in time, join with the awareness of unity and that the ultimate consciousness that would evolve would be a consciousness of one within One.

At this time in human history, we see the shift beginning. The pendulum that has swung toward individualization has become overweighted in that direction, and therefore must swing back toward the perception of unity. As a result, what concerns the self in terms of its desires, strivings for accomplishment, and efforts at mastery on all levels, can now be placed within the greater context of devotion and harmonization of one's personal interests to benefit the welfare of the whole. It is at the point of maximum expression of the thrust toward individualization that such a turning point can occur, and this shift which is taking place now will re-balance the scale and create a new movement toward unity consciousness. The circle of Creation that comprises the movement toward Individualization and toward Unity, in order to be complete, must complete itself in both directions. Therefore, the individualized self must bring all of itself, with all of its sense of differentness and uniqueness to the pursuit of Unity, so that the circle can once again be made whole.

The motivating factor in this return cannot be created by the ego, with its investment in self-advancement, mastery, and self-expression. The motivating factor must be based on the experience of Love – not the love between two, but the love between Many, activated by the profound awakening to an understanding that what is Many is also One. This is the necessary ingredient that must exist to turn the tide from Mastery toward Devotion toward the Whole, and from self-interest, to interest in the wellbeing of all.

Love of sufficient strength, duration, commitment, and spiritual potency must be felt by the soul so that it knows the truth active within each individual self of its oneness with all selves, and so that it knows the truth existing within all selves of their oneness with God. When love of this kind is activated within the heart of each being as a result of greater light being present on the earth, then for the first time in human history, all selves will know that they are one, and that for that reason what was tolerated before in the way of conflict and division, can be tolerated no longer.

May this love come soon to wipe away all traces of hatred and rancor, and may it infuse the hearts of all so that one in purpose, and one in effort, a new and sacred world can be created.

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