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The Destiny Of Nations

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

The world of nations comes into existence according to a planfulness that is similar to the incarnation of an individual soul. Thus, a nation is conceived as idea, is born, carries its own vibration upon the earth, and endeavors within the limits of its consciousness to fulfill the blueprint for its own creation.

Each national identity that is conceived develops first as an idea in the Mind of God. It is not accidental according to the historical trends of a culture or civilization. Rather, the entire global harmonic and vibration of the earth is composed, in part, of the individual vibrations of national entities whose purposes, when held in light, contribute to the overall wellbeing of the planet.

Nations, like individuals, can depart from their sacred purpose. They can misrepresent the ideals that they have come into being to fulfill. And whether there is more on the side of light and of the fulfillment of Divine expectations that is expressed through that nation's policies and actions, or more on the side of darkness and self-seeking which takes a nation out of the global harmonic and more into its own sphere of self-interest, is a choice that individual governments, peoples, and societies make over time.

The current situation related to national identity is one that is very precarious based on the intrusive presence of those who would seek to influence the national identity of other nations. This kind of intrusion into the cultural identity of other nations can never be legitimate. It is always necessary that a nation grow and transform from within in order to reach its destined place in the family of nations, both in the world and on a spiritual level. The cultural and spiritual identity of nations cannot be determined from without, but only from within, in accordance with the inner perceptions and cultural and spiritual values of those who comprise its physical and spiritual body.

It is for this reason that conflicts of huge proportion are presently taking place on the world stage - because nations fear losing their integral right to maintain their own identity and erect defenses on a governmental level or on a personal level in order to counteract the threat that is present. Each nation of the world has come into being in order to make a contribution to the whole, and each is meant to work in harmony with the interests of the whole. Where one or several nations determine that others are moving in the wrong direction in terms of their practices and policies, it creates a situation of endangerment for all.

This is not to say that intervention is not needed when there are massive abuses of human rights within the civilian population of a nation and people in large numbers are fearing for their lives. This aberration, which is based entirely on darkness, cannot and should not be silently observed, since this creates complicity with the very forces of darkness that are seeking to gain the upper hand. But movement to help preserve life and to prevent the destruction of a people is different than the dismantling of a national identity so that it adheres more to what others would like it to be. The identity of a nation is part of its spiritual essence and belongs to the central idea that has been translated from the Divine level to the human level in order that the earth can prosper. When we recognize the integrity of peoples and nations in the way that we recognize the legitimacy of each being and its right to create its own life, we, as a planetary family, will have moved a long way toward creating peace.

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