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You Are Changing The World

You are a magnificent and divinely inspired creation of God. You are here on the Earth during this very tumultuous time in history for a sacred purpose.

Each soul that is here now, and each soul arriving to the Earth now, is here to participate in the momentous transformation process that is happening on the Earth. You are here not by accident, but by design. You have something unique and precious to contribute to the world, and now is the time for all that you are to unfold and be fulfilled.

This transformation process on the Earth is more than simply earth changes and environmental shifts. Planet Earth is a living being that has patiently waited in her evolution for this monument in time, when the spiritual doorways of light would begin to open and allow her to expand and grow into a new level of Herself. This spiritual shift has deep significance for all of life, and many billions of souls have gathered to be present physically during this time, to participate in and experience this shift.

For all souls, and for you in particular who are guided by your heart to read this message, there is profound and miraculous healing possible now in your life. All that has been a heavy burden in your heart, all that has limited you and kept you separate from God and from your true inner self, is now able to be fully and completely released and transformed. This is the reason so many souls are here now, to be transformed and moved forward into a new level of themselves.

At this time on the Earth, you are seeing the beginnings of an intense process of purification. All that has been out of harmony and separated from God's sacredness and love, is being exposed and seen. The process of witnessing and seeing such negativity as it is being released is painful for all hearts to bear. All hearts who are open and filled with God's love cry out at the terrible injustices and atrocities being manifest on the world stage.

The way through this time of purification is not to close your heart to avoid feeling the pain, nor is it to join with the negative energies by becoming angry, despairing or bitter. Rather, the way through lies in your deepest heart, which knows purity, innocence and love. The way through is to surrender yourself to God's love, and to open your heart more. Pray to love more, to forgive more, to release your own self from resentment, bitterness and hatred. Pray for greater faith and a door shall open unto you.

When your heart and your consciousness become aligned with God's love, light and truth, then you are no longer vulnerable to the negative energies of fear, despair and cynicism. You become a light to others, and your presence begins to have a positive effect on others around you. Even the Earth herself benefits from your physical presence, for when you align with God's love and light, then you become a divine conduit for God's light to enter the Earth more completely, assisting her in her own transformation process.

One day all of physically embodied life will come to know itself as One with the divine. People will no longer feel themselves as separate and alone. Even the animals will have a different relationship with each other, with people, and with the Earth, when separated consciousness has dissolved and the doorways of God's light have awakened humanity.

You dearest ones, have before you a magnificent responsibility. Each thought you think, each word you speak and each action you take has an impact on the larger web of life that you are connected with. At this time when so much negativity is being expressed in the world, your choice to hold a consciousness of love, peace, hope, and faith makes a significant contribution to the network of light that is being created on the Earth.

There is much suffering happening in the world and love and light are needed. Your consciousness, your awareness, and your thoughts all impact this web of light. Your love strengthens others, and helps to hold and comfort those who are suffering. Your prayers make a huge impact, much larger than you realize, and so we encourage all who feel an abundance of God's love in their hearts to pray for those in need.

The way through this time of purification is God's love. Though many cannot yet feel this love, it is present and growing on the Earth. Your choice to love transforms the world, and we give great thanks for your participation in this sacred time.

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