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The View Of Competition In A Sacred Society

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Unlike the popular displays of competitive behavior in all walks of life which garner praise from every corner of the world and which are the source of endless fascination for people, worldwide, the role of competition in the world of the future, the world of the sacred, will have an entirely different place and tenor.

Today, there is pride in winning or succeeding where someone else loses or fails. There is a sense of accomplishment about having risen to the top of a pyramid in which everyone else performs less well. This construction of motivation is based on a view of reality in which 'my' interests are separate from 'yours', and 'my' wishes for myself are in conflict with 'your' wishes for yourself. Such a world view cannot be held in the new reality of oneness in which each is the other, and each maintains the other's best interests as their own.

Difficult as it is to conceive, the loss of competition as it is presently understood is not a real loss, for at its root, present competitive behavior has taken a true spiritual longing which is to express all that is best, noblest, and most worthy of expression within the self, and mixed it with a motive that reflects the consciousness of duality and of separation, namely, the motive that understands that "you must lose in order that I may win."

The presence of another way of thinking already lies embedded within the human perspective, but needs to be awakened at the deeper levels of self so that the outer person, the historical personality that has been operating for eons with a mentality of 'survival of the fittest', can be replaced by something else. Such an awakening can happen if the illuminated path to the deeper self becomes opened, and if, upon discovering the way, the conscious self chooses to follow this path and to let go of the longstanding desire for self-advancement at the expense of others.

Today, many psychologists, child-development experts, as well as the population in general, believe that competitive behavior is indigenous to the human psyche, especially to the psyche of young males, and such an interpretation is and has been valid for the time we are in. However, this behavior is linked to a certain level of spiritual and genetic development and is not a permanent fixture in the motivating patterns of the psyche. Rather, it is a temporary one that is in the process of being replaced by a different motivational pattern.

Childrens' board games, pretend-fights, games of elimination, war games, games of overt striving to win – as natural as they are to the consciousness of today, will be replaced by new forms of play tomorrow, and new forms of expressing excellence that will make today's choices seem outdated and not part of what is most real. What has been will disappear into the background of history, marking a place and point in time in which development took on a certain coloration and quality of expression, which was then replaced by something more real and more in keeping with the human potential.

Included in this new consciousness will be a new perception of children as souls who do not have an inherent desire to compete, but rather an inherent desire to express, and with this shift in emphasis, new ways will be found to afford children a wider range of forms of expression than has heretofore been possible.

The end result of such a progression will be the institution of a new society whose rules affect all aspects of life, and whose practices reveal the incorporation of a different set of values than are in place today. Such a society, based on a sacred reverence for all of life, and none at the expense of any other, is in the formative stages at this time, existing as a backdrop to what is presently taking place on the world stage. Nevertheless, its coming is inevitable and its seeds have already been planted. Its arrival will mark a significant turning point in the history of human evolution.

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