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Forging a New Path -
The Choice Beyond Fear

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

The choice to forge a new path and to begin something new is coming to us, today, with more power than ever before.

This choice arises because consciousness is becoming clarified by light, and also because the expansion of the heart is guiding us in a stronger way than before to become aware of our feelings. Yet, often in the presence of new options, we remain afraid, desiring to pursue the old ways of being not because they are right, or comfortable, or even desirable, but because they seem like who we are and feel familiar.

This allegiance to old identities is being called into question today by the advent of greater spiritual light on Earth. This light is revealing the discrepancies between where we would like to be and where we are, between what we hope for and what we are as yet afraid to hope for. It is putting us in the position of becoming aware of our longings, yet at the same time confronting us with the challenge of pursuing what we long for.

One would think that the heart would be willing, indeed, eager to move away from places of pain and difficulty, even if they are familiar. And yet the heart's motivation is often colored by the energy of fear which allows us to continue along pathways that are not constructive or life-affirming, even when we know better. Sometimes we do this out of a sense of weakness or despair, sometimes out of a sense of unworthiness and a belief that we don't deserve any better. This latter perception, in particular, may be a deeply held conviction concealed by the rational mind which says "Of course I am deserving." And yet the deeper self may believe otherwise.

Fear limits choice and prevents growth. It creates concealment and hiding from ourselves and others. It keeps us small, and prevents us from embracing our life as a Divine and sacred flow with meaning and purpose. Fear constricts the heart and prevents us from being fully alive. It acts as a barrier between ourselves and God, between ourselves and others, between ourselves and our own deeper being.

Today, energies of love and hope are growing stronger in the presence of expanding light. They are inscribing their messages within our hearts, even if fear is also present. While it may seem to the fearful part of us that things must go on as they have been, the part of us connected with our soul that remembers our sacred purpose knows something other than fear. It recognizes feelings based on love and hope and strives to grasp these motivations so that new decisions can be made - decisions that open us to life rather than closing us down.

When fear of embracing the new is strong, our own desire to grow must be stronger. When a sense of unworthiness prevents us from conceiving of a certain goal for ourselves because it seems too 'big', our sense of being a vehicle for God's sacred expression on Earth must become stronger. When our own weariness prevents us from trying yet one more time to master our fear, attunement to the Divine within us must once again act as an anchor and bulwark against fear. We have the choice, today, but we must make it, and we make it with the life of our hearts and with our life-force itself.

The greater presence of light, today, is amplifying the longings of the heart to become. And what shall we become? What shall we allow ourselves to become? The answer lies within each individual heart that dares to ask the question, and within each individual soul that dares to answer it.

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