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Springtime For The Soul

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Springtime for the soul brings with it the beginning of new possibilities for awakening, and for realizing the greater expression of the deeper self on all levels of manifestation.

It uncovers dormant perceptions and allows them to flourish in the new warmth of the spiritual sun.

It reveals inspirations of the past, now given greater warmth and life.

Many gentle inspirations, urging one to move in a certain direction or risk embarking on a new relationship, work situation, or activity, now come to the forefront more easily, leaving it to the more embodied, conscious self to determine how far to move with these inspirations, and whether they may be accepted as believable.

Herein lies the point of embarkation for the conscious being who desires to expand and flourish in the new warmth of the spiritual sun. Inspirations and intuitions of the new are germinating more fully now, yet it is always up to the conscious self to accept or reject the budding of these tender shoots.

Sometimes fear gets in the way - the fear that what has been suggested or inspired by the small inner voice that says "go here" is not dependable. Sometimes the fear is more specific, namely, a fear of what others might think or how they might react. In each case, the point of movement into further growth has to do with allowing the tendrils of the new to blossom and expand, seeing where they lead, abandoning fear and the fear of judgment and exploring, even if timidly, the new possibilities that may lie ahead.

The light that is currently permeating the Earth's spiritual atmosphere is having an effect on the consciousness of all. Not only is it cleansing the outer self of tendencies that have directed it away from light and love. It is also attempting to create a new system of beliefs concerning what is possible, with the understanding that what is possible now may not have been possible before. It is the essential quality of light having to do with hope and truth that brings forth these levels of inspiration and intuition - hope that the limitations of the past can be shed, and truth which conveys that what one's deepest self longs for is actually a property of the self meant to be realized, perhaps not in the exact form that has been pictured in the past, but as an avenue of expression that conforms to Divine intention and the spiritual matrix in which the soul lives.

In this day of the new, in the presence of the openings made possible by light, the tender shoots of unheralded hopes, dreams, and visions are coming more fully into existence. They are linking more fully with the soul's identity which now resides in closer proximity to the identity of the personality-self.

This Divine unfoldment is the expression of worlds coming together, of possibilities coming together, so that the life of the human being on the Earth and the life of the soul may gradually come to resemble each other. In this way will the beauty, purity, innocence, and love of the soul be realized more fully in its human expression. In this way, too, will the convergence that is happening now, ultimately bring about the greater awakening of each embodied soul to the fullness and beauty of who it is meant to be.

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