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World Change

Spiritual Healing for the World

World change is a topic on the minds and in the hearts of many people at this time. World events appear to be spiraling into ever greater manifestations of negativity, and many who hope to change the world with more positive actions and intentions are frustrated by the apparent lack of effect of their good works.

In recent times we've seen the rise of religious fundamentalism, which seems in many ways to be a manifestation that is exactly the opposite of the more peaceful, spiritual world that many of us are seeking to create.

To understand the process of world change from the spiritual perspective, it is necessary first to understand the current times we live in. Never before have human beings been more interconnected. The acceleration of communications technology has created what is truly a global community, where we are increasingly aware of the whole of humanity. The spiritual teaching that we are all One is rapidly manifesting itself, as the reality of our interdependence and interconnectedness reveals itself.

Transitioning from "Me" to "We"

The extreme imbalances in our world are being revealed, and it is no longer possible to shut out the reality of the large human family of which we are all a part. It is no longer possible to make someone else 'the other'. Philosophies or religions that attempt to make another group of people the enemy are now being exposed for what they are. World change is badly needed in a world where most people in the world lack basic resources for survival, and a relatively small number of people have an overabundance of resources.

As spiritual healing on the Earth progresses, it will become apparent to more people that these imbalances, where one part of our human family suffers at the expense of another, are actually detrimental to everyone. This awakening of consciousness is just beginning now. It has not yet fully manifested, but it will. The current time of world change has been prophesied in many different cultures and religions, and each of us who are here today is an important and essential part of this evolution in consciousness. See this new article The Time Has Come - The Power of Our Thoughts.

World change is happening at an ever accelerating rate, and it is our hope to expand this section of our WorldBlessings.com website, offering topics that may benefit our visitors and help each person who wishes to connect to the divine source of spiritual healing. Each individual who opens their heart to God's love and embraces the spiritual calling to awaken, adds their light and love and consciousness to the the planetary collective consciousness. It is through many individuals awakening that world change will manifest and transform the current global situation.

What You Can Do

Our daily actions and thoughts have a huge impact on the world around us.  Our feelings and thoughts contribute to the network of consciousness that we are all a part of.

What are you doing to help create world change? Share your thoughts, feelings, inspirations here at our change the world page.

NEW for 2022 -- Join us in strengthening the network of light on the planet by participating in the World Blessings Planetary Alignment Transmissions.

More World Change Resources

For more information on world change please see our most recent spiritual guidance from the Realms of Light.

These articles and resources have additional information on the process of world change.

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