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Moving Into Light - The Time Of Transition

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

The task of becoming conscious and of deepening one's self-awareness is of great importance today.

Being attentive to one's inner state has always been essential to a spiritual life, but in the heightened energies that are affecting life on the physical plane today, it is even more important to know oneself, to be aware of feelings and energies that are moving through, and to allow time for the integration of these energies that are being evoked by the presence of greater light.

Today the gap between the life of the world and the life of the spirit is narrowing, and as the distance between the two erodes still further, it will become apparent that the spiritual is having an impact on all walks of life, all classes of people, and on every situation. It will, in the end, altogether eliminate the space that now exists between the 'physical' and the 'spiritual', joining these two forever in consciousness and in reality.

In order to move through this time gracefully, it is not essential to seek information or to become anyone different than you are. All that is needed to go through this time is held within you. It is a matter of listening to what is going on inside and of becoming more aware that will allow you to know the ways in which the new is making itself known. To move gracefully through this time is to be aware of the process taking place, to work with it and within it, understanding that what is passing through as energy and emotion, is coming up in order to be set free.

During this time of transition, it is important to consider having more time to rest, more time to be alone and quiet, more time to not be busy. Even if life does not readily lend itself to this and responsibilities weigh heavily on your shoulders, it is nevertheless important to have some period of time during the day to go within and to reconnect with your deeper being - to feel the 'you' that is waiting to emerge. This will also give the incoming energies needed support for doing the work of healing and transforming that they are about.

Some may not feel this light yet as the vibration of love that it is, but only its disturbing effect as it brings to awareness that which needs to be released and set free. Some may only feel the turbulence that can be part of this process. And yet this turbulence is an energetic wave that is moving through all, and it aims to create a new life for humanity and for the world. The turbulence is the beginning of this new life, but the deeper part is the realization of one's own Divine nature and that of every other living being.

In a busy, task-oriented society, being excessively busy is the norm. Fragmentation is the norm – the letting go of one's deeper self in order to meet expectations of feeling and behavior that vary from situation to situation. Fragmentation creates a loss of connection with oneself and with the Source of life. It fosters a sense of being lost and without purpose, and of seeing 'life' as the culprit that pulls us away from ourselves. This perception must be examined in terms of the illusion that it is built on, for it is only our own expectations of what life should be, of what we want it to be, that will change what 'life' is. There is no external quality of 'life' other than that which lives within our own consciousness and with which we greet each new day.

Today, during this time of incoming energies of light, having time to be quiet and to spiritually anchor within oneself and with God is of utmost importance. It is important for the healing process that is already taking place, and it is important for one's peace of mind. Whether instituted for shorter or longer periods of time, every effort made on a daily basis to find a way of connecting with the Source of All will be rewarded on an inner level. For the energies that seek to transform life can be moved with most easily when there is attention paid to what is going on within, what is trying to open, and what is trying to be healed.

If you find it hard to not be busy and feel that this is a luxury that can wait till later on, let it be understood that 'later on' is now, and that the very structure of life as we know it is in the process of changing so that what is currently taken for granted will no longer be. It is for this reason that we are called to move into a state of grace within ourselves – to be able to move with the process that has begun and to prepare for what is to come. Life asks this of us, and our own souls ask this of us as we move forward day by day.

May the willingness to seek the light and to move with it become part of each human consciousness, and may the deepening of trust grow within each human heart. Blessings and Amen.

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