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The Presence Of Light And The Expression Of Darkness In The World

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

When we look at events on the world stage, it is clear that the cruelty and wanton destruction of lives on a scale that seems beyond comprehension continues in many places in the world.

We have the choice, when viewing such events, regarding which eyes we want to see with - the eyes that see primarily the unvarnished truth of cruelty and hatred that continues to live potently within human beings and seems endlessly expressed through violence and degradation, or the eyes of compassion that see the suffering that is caused by the action of one human toward another, but know that the capacity for such behavior is passing with the increased presence of greater light on earth, and that in its passing something new will be unfolded within the human heart, something that has been covered over for a long time now.

To believe and to know are two different things. (See: "Belief, Faith, and Knowing"). To have faith and to know are two different things. Often, the mind seeks to believe, even while the heart feels despairing, and even while there seems to be no external evidence to confirm that what we are witnessing is the purification of the earth, and not merely a downward spiral into continued and ever-expanding chaos and destruction.

The choice of what to believe is ours. The choice of where to align our hearts and minds is ours. There are several way of doing this. One, of course, is to naturally feel the presence of light and to witness its expansion within oneself and within others whom one knows.

Another, is to witness light's presence in the activities within the world that are not given the kind of press coverage that mainstream media generally fosters. This press coverage, itself, communicates and expands levels of fear in the world and is, in large measure, responsible for conveying a sense that light and goodness do not exist except in individual acts of kindness and sacrifice. It is important to know that the information that we are being given by the media is not emotionally neutral, but rather influenced by those invisible forces that would engender fear and despair within world populations, portraying these outlooks as natural and inevitable, given the course of events.

Third, it is possible to believe something that the mind has no basis for believing, but that the heart knows or understands to be true. This is the position of many, today, who are emotionally aligned with light and who realize its power and presence, but can find no rational basis for feeling as they do. These hearts yearn to remain strong and unaffected in the face of what often appears as contradictory evidence.

Finally, it is possible through developing a spiritual practice of one's own, to disengage from the prevailing worldview of what is happening and why it is happening, and to practice alignment with light. By learning to bring more light into one's own body and consciousness, it becomes easier to know that the individual transformation in awareness that can occur signals or heralds the larger scale transformation that will take place.

The practice of alignment with light serves two purposes. Not only does it change one's outlook toward outer events; it also helps to alter those events in a direct way through the alteration of one's own consciousness. All too often, one's own individual consciousness seems too small and insignificant a factor to affect the world, but this is an illusion, based on the idea of separation. If all of consciousness were seen as an interacting network of awareness, then it would be known that everything one thinks and feels has an effect on the whole and can, in fact, stimulate a new perception within others.

The purification of the earth occurs through the separation of light and darkness and will continue until the darkness is transmuted in the greater presence of light. This does not mean that one can predict any particular outcome occurring, but rather that one must be ready to hold the events that manifest darkness within the awareness of greater light, rather than within the emotions of despair and hopelessness.

Blessed are those whose hearts naturally gravitate toward hope for the world, for it is the force of hope connected with light that can uphold an entire planet, even while outer events of conflict, hatred, and the expression of darkness are still taking place.

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