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Healing Despair And The Loss Of Hope

At this time of monumental change on Earth, the challenges of life have become more accelerated, and there are a growing number of people who are experiencing despair and a loss of hope.

The activation of greater spiritual light on the Earth has created a shift of awareness and priorities within the collective consciousness of humanity, and has intensified the process of individual and global purification. This massive cleansing process is creating great upheaval for so many people.

As this process is becoming more accelerated on all levels, so are the challenges and transformations we may go through. We may encounter situations of challenge and difficulty that feel so extreme, that we do not know how we are going to get through them.

Whether it be the loss of a loved one, a sudden illness, living through a natural disaster, a sudden loss of our income and livelihood, or any other number of painful situations, there are times When life becomes so challenging that we are overwhelmed with emotions of grief, anger, and despair. "Why did this happen to me?" we ask, and it may be that we cannot feel any answer, or any sense of inner comfort in the midst of our pain.

At times like these, often our emotions are so intense that it is not possible to feel anything positive. It is not possible to imagine living through until tomorrow. It is not possible to believe we will ever feel whole again.

What is needed at times like this, is the healing presence of love. Love is the healer which can mend broken hearts and heal all wounds. Love is available at all times from the divine, and also from within us and around us. Love is the very fabric of physically manifest life on Earth, and though most of us do not yet perceive the presence of love in this way, it is growing stronger and is now more and more present in tangible ways in daily life.

Love can come in many forms into our lives, in the comforting embrace of a friend or family member, in the prayers and good wishes of even those we are not personally connected with, or in the presence of God that we may be able to feel in quiet times. Love can also be felt in the warmth of a relationship with a beloved animal friend, or by being in a pristine natural environment where you can feel the majesty and grace of God's creation.

When we are in severe pain, often it is not possible to feel or respond to love right away. If more love comes our way, it may trigger a flood of our deeper emotions, causing us to cry harder, or feel angrier or more despairing. We may try to isolate ourselves and hide from the pain, and hide from those who love us to avoid feeling the pain.

Healing from despair and the loss of hope is a process, and it generally does not happen overnight. What is needed to sustain us during these times, is a source of love that can be present with us consistently through the turbulent ups and downs of emotion that we are experiencing.

All of us are human and imperfect, and it may be that our friends, family members or counselors are not always able to always hold a consistent presence of love for us during difficult times. Everyone on Earth is being affected by the greater intensity of spiritual light, and they are also in a healing process. It is helpful if we can cultivate an inner connection with spirit that can sustain us through good times and bad.

It is always a good idea to cultivate an inner connection with spirit, for the divine source of all love, light and life is available to us at all times to provide comfort, support and nurturance no matter what else is going on in our lives. The stronger this connection with the divine becomes within us, the more will be possible to receive in the way of blessing, grace and healing.

When we are feeling overwhelmed with pain, despair, or the loss of hope, it may not be possible for us to extricate ourselves from the depths of emotion by ourselves. In this situation, joining with others can be of great benefit. Whether it be a support group, a healing relationship, or a close friendship, being willing to ask for and receive help will activate and strengthen the presence of love in your own being and within those who are available and willing to help.

One of the most potent experiences of despair is the way it feels endless, and intractable. It pervades all our senses and creates a feeling of hopelessness. Because it feels as though it will never end, we feel there is no reason to go on. Despair can sit like a cloud in our body, our mind and our emotions. While we are in it, it feels as though there is nothing else.

What happens through the presence of love, is that the divine light that is a natural part of love, begins to dissolve the cloud of despair. It can happen slowly or quickly, but it does happen if you are able to find within yourself the willingness to reach out for love.

Love heals all, and transforms even the most intense pain, if we can allow it. It is the path through despair, and through love hope returns and can be felt in the heart, the mind and the body. We feel lighter, clearer, more open and more alive. We can feel the new arriving into our consciousness, bringing forth blessings we never could imagine, the blessings that come from God's love.

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