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Soul Purpose And Intuitions Of The Future

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Not everyone would like to know what the future will bring, and from the standpoint of living life to the fullest, it is most useful to live in the present, for the present contains both past and future in an alive and integrated way.

Yet, because of the soul-nature of each human being, it is inevitable that certain perceptions, knowings, intuitions, and even certainties can arise within consciousness, without the rational side of the mind knowing how they got there, and without knowing their validity. If such intuitions occur when asking for guidance or at a time of meditation or prayer, they are more likely to seem valid, though even then, they may be colored by other factors that alter the perception of truth and therefore may create a sense of doubt.

The fact that a soul chooses to incarnate within a body prior to a given lifetime, means that the soul has an intention or purpose in mind for that lifetime – something that each embodied self is here to do or learn. When this sphere of activity or learning corresponds to specific relationships that are needed in order that it occur, or to world events that must take place before certain soul aspects are brought out into the open and activated, then it often happens that there is also a sense conveyed of the necessary elements that are being awaited, though in a non-specific way. One can, therefore, sense that something very important will happen during a particular time ahead and that one needs to prepare for such a time. Or, one can sense that a particular direction in life needs to be taken according to a deep internal conviction that it is necessary, even though the more rational self may not know why it is necessary.

It sometimes happens that one must wait many years for a soul-aspect or aspect of soul purpose to reveal itself. This often occurs when world conditions must arrange themselves so that one is called into service, so-to-speak, in a situation in which the service requires a particular external configuration or set of conditions, and cannot happen before then. During the years of waiting, an individual may become disillusioned and doubting about what they are waiting for as they watch time go by. Often there is a sense of lack of accomplishment, failure, or despair about 'wasting' precious time, not knowing that the passage of time is in itself both necessary and a way of strengthening soul purpose. Instead, this waiting period is viewed as a testimony to failure.

We are, today, in such a time of anticipating great events that are to take place on the world stage in many areas of life – economically, politically, socially, and in terms of the way we think about life itself. Many are still waiting for the larger changes that they have been led to anticipate in communications from the soul level that will let them know how to proceed. These changes will also signal the fact that a new way of life is coming into being - for them, individually, and for the planet as a whole. Now is a time in which to develop deeper spiritual anchoring, since what will ultimately convey a sense of truth concerning both the present and future is not what someone else perceives regarding that future, but what the inner self believes and feels with a deep sense of conviction.

For each one here now, it is time to seek guidance and to allow the thoughts and feelings that emerge from the soul-level to have space within the conscious self so that the way can be made smooth and the heart can be made ready. This 'allowing' is best done through developing a way of spiritually anchoring in peace and light, a way that renews the self and its connection with its deeper spiritual Source. A spiritual practice undertaken alone can create such anchoring, as can being with a group of people who are similarly trying to find a deepened sense of connection with the Source of all and with their own path of service.

Blessed is this time of transition and all that it shall bring. May all who seek the light know that it is already within them, and that it waits to expand into its fullness in the passage of time that lies ahead.

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