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A New Approach to Dream Interpretation

At some point in our spiritual life, we may wish to understand the process dream interpretation, which helps us to understand the meaning of our dreams and the symbols that may present themselves to us. At the present time on the Earth, our collective spiritual consciousness is awakening, which is opening some new possibilities for all aspects of our being including our dreams.

Our physically manifest selves take a rest from the concerns of physical reality each night so we can return to the spiritual realms and receive nourishment and support from the higher levels of our being. Our dreams open windows into our inner life, and can help us glimpse realities beyond what we know in the physical realm.

There have been many approaches to dream interpretation in the course of humanity's evolution. As human consciousness has evolved, so has our understanding of the meaning of dreams, and of the purpose they serve in our lives.

In the 20th century we developed a more sophisticated psychological understanding of ourselves and of the process of dream interpretation. Now in the 21st century, it is much more common part of life to learn about and focus attention on our inner life and our dreams as well as our external circumstances.

Now we are experiencing a new expansion of human consciousness, as more of God's light expands on the Earth. This creates an awakening of consciousness along with new experiences in our bodies, our minds, and our emotions.

As our inner life awakens to the greater spiritual oneness of which we all are a part, our dreams begin to change. We may even begin to have dreams that are related to the greater planetary whole of which we all are a part.

As we all are developing a more planetary consciousness, you may notice that your dreams are transforming as well. Some of our visitors have shared the new dream experiences they are discovering during this new time on Earth.

Dream Interpretation and Healing

When we enter into a spiritual transformation process, all aspects of our being begin to receive a greater infusion of spiritual light. This light activates a deep, soul level process of integration and healing. Long buried thoughts, feelings, memories and energies begin to rise into our consciousness. Our dreams begin to deepen, and may become more vivid. It is even possible to have a life changing dream that completely alters our reality.

This happened to me on one of my last nights in the Brazilian rainforest. I had been in Brazil for almost 16 weeks, involved in some very deep spiritual work. It was a life changing journey in itself, and just before leaving, I had an amazing dream that changed my life.

In it, I was at a funeral for a family member who had in physical reality been dead for over 15 years. He had been seriously me and many of our extended family.   I felt traumatized and had spent much of my adult life seeking healing, transformation, and freedom from the wounding that haunted me.

In the dream saw his body floating and it moved from one room to another. Suddenly my heart opened to him, and I could feel love and peace. I said I forgive you. Go in peace, I will remember you with love. I take responsibility for my part in the karma we shared, and I release you now.

I awoke feeling wonderful and completely unburdened! I felt deeply free, and from that day forward I no longer was burdened by the cycle of painful memories, anger and the blame that had been with me my whole life.

Even more amazing was how my life transformed after this time. After I returned from Brazil I got married to a beautiful man who is completely free of the unhealthy emotional patterns that characterized my earlier relationships.

Previous to this time I would attract partners who carried many of the emotional patterns that were present in the old family dynamics. Since that profoundly healing dream, my entire family dynamic has transformed. We have all gone through much healing, and have become closer and more loving.

Dream Interpretation - What Does My Dream Mean?

There are now many books on dream interpretation, some of them called dream dictionaries, that assign meaning to the various dream symbols of your dream. Though some people find this helpful, I personally do not, because we each are such unique beings and soils with a rich inner life. The meaning of my dream about a house may be completely different than the meaning of your dream about a house.

I ave found that a more useful approach is to go within myself to discover the meaning of dreams. There are many ways you can do this. Please see our Meaning of Dreams section for more details, and also visit this article on The Nature of Dreaming - A Doorway Into Multiple Realities.

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