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The History Of The Soul's Journey
Through Time

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

From the beginning, the soul has traveled down a path of its own choosing, entering the sphere of time ad space in order to experience its own individuality in a world within form.

This choice that was so fraught with consequences, was not imposed on the soul by any external edict, but was thrust upon it by virtue of its own preferences toward individual self-expression and the freedom to say "yes" and '"no." For this reason, the "Fall," as biblical history has depicted it, must be thought of not as a punishment for sin, but as an expression of the necessary and inevitable consequence of the soul's choosing to experience itself with the full range of freedom granted to all children of God.

The movement into the earth's atmosphere took place in stages, the first stage being one in which form was only partly existent, and in which bodies had shapes that were more ethereal and light-filled. The kind of solid mass that we understand the body to be today and that we think of as physical 'matter', did not exist at that time. Physicality is defined by degrees of density of expression, and in the earlier stages of man's existence upon the earth, the density of matter was much less than it is today.

Souls who were present at that time, and there were millions of them, some inhabiting the earth's 'physical' sphere, and some waiting to do so, took delight in discovering all the many variations of experience that could be achieved by entering existence within a physical form. There was no pressure to do so, and there was no limitation against doing so. All that took place occurred because of the freed choice of each soul and its affinity for self-expression and self-determination. The fact that such free choice led to the possibility for the entrance of dark forces into the equation, and created a vulnerability to being influenced by their efforts at seduction and withdrawal of the soul from its attachment to its own Divine light and identity, was unknown to souls who had descended into matter. They had to be taught the ways of darkness. They did not start out understanding them intuitively.

Accordingly, the energies of darkness which also took physical form and populated a portion of the earth at that early time, helped a fledging mankind to find its footing upon a physical earth, while at the same time initiating degrees of separation within consciousness from its former home within the realms of light. Increasingly, as souls experienced lifetime after lifetime within physical expression, it became easier to forget their point of origin, and to think that birth into physical existence was all that there was.

Through the eras of time and circumstance which brought countless evolutionary steps forward, and also great tragedies produced by man's departure from the ways of the Creator and from his own essential nature, the consciousness of man nevertheless moved forward. Its progression took place according to both an inner and an outer timetable that allowed consciousness to develop both a sense of individual self-identity, while at the same time returning the mental and emotional capacities to their former ability to hold light and truth. Mind and emotions exist upon planes of experience that are associated with physical manifestation, and are subject to energies of both light and darkness in their expression. Over the course of eons, both mind and emotions became heavily influenced by the motivational patterns that energies of darkness had introduced and which humans found themselves resonating with. But these planes of experience also moved increasingly into a state of greater light. It was thus that the era known later on as '"the Age of Enlightenment" could occur. This took place after a vast span of time in which the mental capacity had moved further and further in the direction of being able to hold higher truths, and the emotional capacity had become more capable of holding nobler emotions.

Between the original expression of souls upon the earth and the era of the "enlightened" philosophies of the eighteenth century, much time had passed. During this time, souls were increasingly moving into an experience of separateness from the Divine Creator, while simultaneously experiencing the flourishing of their own capacity to create with physical matter. The primitive technologies of the past were relevant to only this life cycle of human expression upon the earth. For other human cycles that occurred prior to this one had achieved great and mighty technologies that were far in advance of where we are now. But the demise of those civilizations brought mankind back to the more primitive state where, beginning this new life cycle, he had to emerge once again into a consciousness that was capable of working with and within physical matter.

Attention to energies of darkness were not part of the conscious experience of mankind, for the most part, for these wove themselves into the social and intellectual fabric of mankind's awareness in ways that prevented their discernment from occurring easily. Sometimes they posed as intellectual principles; sometimes as religious principle which introduced fear or threat into humanity's experience of itself. Whether introduced as an intellectual principle that created a reality separate from spiritual reality, or as an emotional factor that introduced threat and fear into what claimed to be the 'true religion', and there were many of these, such energies of darkness worked to separate mankind still further from its remembrance of its origins in the light.

Over time, human beings became more and more oriented toward physical reality, thinking of it as their home, and less and less aware of the true reality of the spiritual worlds, though many believed that they existed in principle. This brings us to modern times, beginning in the late nineteenth century and moving more steadily forward in the twentieth. During these more recent times, a deliberate and concerted effort was initiated from the realms of light to make contact once again with the consciousness of mankind. This was undertaken through those individuals who were more receptive to the truth of the spiritual worlds, and who, therefore, could hear, sense, and carry the messages of Spirit to others. Beginning in the late nineteenth century and continuing into the twentieth, increasing degrees of contact between the two worlds took place. Messages from higher planes became more accessible to others in the form of books, writings, and spiritual movements that in some instances created a groundswell of interest that was large enough to affect an entire society - having some impact even on those who did not hold the specific beliefs of a given movement. Contact between the realms of light and the earth's physical world grew during these decades. It increased the degree of influence of Spirit upon matter and created a greater receptivity on the part of vast numbers of people to the truth of there being a larger realm of Spirit that had light and life in it, and in which the earth played a part. Teachers came into form more frequently in order to bring receptive souls to the emerging understanding of their inherent divinity and, indeed, of the inherent divinity of all that is.

The groundwork for the present expansion of light upon the earth, and of the movement of consciousness into a final joining of the realm of the physical with the realm of the spiritual, was therefore laid over a much longer stretch of time than the last few years or decades. And this effective preparation has allowed many to become ready for the transitional period during which it would become clearer that there is no such thing as a physical reality that is 'solid' and real, and a spiritual reality that is 'ethereal' and less real. The preparation that has taken place has been one that would allow the many to believe and understand, however tentatively at first, that there is only One reality, and that underlying all that is physical in its expression is the spiritual. This transitional period is the one that we are now in. It has been heralded by prophets of old, by sages in their wisdom, by seers and wise ones of many traditions and persuasions. It is the cusp of a new age of peace and understanding for the world, based on victory over the forces of darkness and separation, and the final emergence of a society that is returned to its life within the spiritual worlds.

The realms of light have emissaries presently upon the earth to assist with this transition. There are also many who are helping who are not physically embodied. The plan of the Divine Creator of all, of "I Am That I Am" lies behind all movements of messengers and emissaries of light everywhere, and there is no authority separate from the authority of the One. All that exists in light derives from this authority, and does not claim a separate power or right to determine its own plans or agendas for advancement. Thus, at the present time, the Divine Plan for Creation is being brought forward with the help of many servants of the light, and also with the help of many upon the earth who serve the same purpose.

In the next stage of development, the final demise of the efforts of the forces of darkness to influence the consciousness of mankind will take place. As a result, humanity will finally be free to move in ever-increasing degrees of light and freedom into its true destiny as children of the One. There is to be no religious distinction or specialness in this eventuality, for all are One in the Creator's eyes, and no one religion or tradition can be singled out to be more worthy of spiritual advancement. There are only souls, everywhere, striving to regain their former identity as children of the light. And there are only souls, everywhere, waiting to return home.

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