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Emotional Intensity And The Recurrence
Of Old Patterns

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Today, the presence of greater spiritual light on earth is affecting the entire planet, and with it, all of her inhabitants.

This increased light is not an abstraction, but an energetic phenomenon that influences physical and emotional functioning in much the same way that the rays of the sun can influence body and psyche, affecting many areas of feeling and perception. Spiritual light, today, is accelerating the process of healing on all levels, and bringing to the fore emotional and relationship issues that one may not have experienced before, or thought were put to rest.

In the presence of this greater light, the process of purification for individuals and for the planet as a whole is being brought forward. What this means is that emotional intensity may run high as issues in need of healing manifest more fully both within one's inner awareness, and also within significant relationships. This emergence of unhealed issues is a result of the greater light present, whose nature it is to bring into consciousness, that which needs to be set free.

Just as there are many physiological and psychological responses to the warmth, heat, and light of the sun such as raised skin temperature, experience of brightness, need for fluids, sense of comfort, etc., so, too, are there many responses to the presence of greater spiritual light. For example, there may be an amplification of pre-existing conditions such as the tendency toward depression, anxiety, or sleeplessness; or the recurrence of old physical symptoms that one thought were gone forever; or the introduction of new symptoms.

Conversely, instead of a heightening of emotion, there may be a deadening of emotion as the dynamics of feeling and defense against feeling come into play. In such cases, it sometimes happens that little can be felt or understood except that a shutting down of thought and feeling seems to be taking place. No matter which direction the purification process takes one in, the cause of the turbulence is the same, namely, the stirring up of previously sealed off feelings, motivations, and energies that are now becoming conscious or are threatening to do so.

One can look at this phenomenon in a variety of ways, and indeed, it is likely that many who suffer at this time will find a psychological explanation most reasonable. However, when looked at within the context of spiritual expansion and purification, what is most useful is the ability to remain patient with the greater intensity that is present for many, and to understand that the intensification itself is calling each soul to become more aware of their own spiritual identity, more conversant with the meaning of this time on earth, and more understanding of the need to remain aligned with a source of spiritual support to give stability during this period of change.

Such a point of view holds that there is not something 'wrong' that is happening, but rather something difficult and sometimes painful that is part of a greater process. And while one may choose to seek help in ways that are familiar for difficulties that arise, it is also useful to look more directly at the cause of the difficulties, even if that requires a new premise on which to base one's understanding.

The process of purification will continue to intensify while the body continues to adapt to the new light, and so it is most useful to begin to look at the underpinnings of purification and to learn how to work with it in its more gentle and its more intense stages of expression. In this way, what needs to be healed can become so in the smoothest way possible, and the accelerated growth trying to happen can be supported by the light of God that is at its source.

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