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The Pursuit Of Rainbows

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Rainbows appeal to everyone because of their surprising beauty, the ethereal quality of their colors, and the fact that they come unannounced and we are taken by surprise by them.

These luminous displays of light and color partake of the magnificent and the extraordinary. They are, for the human imagination, revelations of something from the beyond - something that feels larger-than-life and magical in the sense that it is beyond human comprehension. For even though we know in a scientific sense how the displays of banded light are produced through the refraction of light, the wonder of rainbows remains because the impact on our senses has exceeded what we are used to and what we expect within the limits of the ordinary.

The craving of the human heart and imagination to participate in the wondrous is what is at work in the ways in which we greet each unexpected gift of a rainbow. The imagination longs to be impressed by something that seems too beautiful to be true. The heart longs to be touched by something that seems beyond the human, yet very real. Watching the sky, our spirits awaken, not only because of the delight of the child within, but because our hearts have been longing for an experience of wonder and magic, for an experience of the extraordinary.

This longing that rainbows and the physically beautiful in nature, in general, satisfy through our senses, is essentially spiritual. It is a longing to experience a relationship with reality in which reality is never humdrum, ordinary, boring, or small, but rather in which it is expansive, surprising, limitless, and extraordinary, and in which the brightness of the new brings with it a sense of wonder at every turn.

Such a relationship with reality calls forth a different degree of awakeness from us, prodding us out of the semi-sleep with which we often go through our days. We are more awake, we are more alive, and we are more responsive to what is going on around us.

This is the reality that most long for, though not the reality that most live. It is a reality of awakened perception, of awakened life in which the mystery of Creation appears behind every created thing, and in which the aliveness of the heart responds to this mystery with every breath. In ordinary life, we do not, for the most part, expect to live with this degree of aliveness. But this does not mean that we do not long for it - secretly wishing for life to be endlessly surprising and alive. Nevertheless, we adapt to what is, and our wishes are permitted expression along the avenues of possibility that open up for us - avenues that create opportunities for magic, wonder, and a sense of surprise.

Can we imagine, then, how it would be for reality to change its perceived qualities and to offer to us the aliveness that is normally hidden behind the veil of solidity and everydayness. Would we be ready for such a change? Would we be ready for a leap beyond the ordinary into the surprising?

This is the anticipated world of greater light that we are moving into that has begun to transform physical reality even now. For even now, some are experiencing things as brighter and clearer, and others are noting altered perception in other ways. We are, at this time in our history, being given the opportunity to take the leap as a collective humanity from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the expected to the unanticipated, depending only upon our willingness to embrace the new reality that is arriving. Such a step does not involve changing any specific beliefs that we may hold of a conceptual nature, but only allowing ourselves to be more open to the source of magic which is closer at hand, today. This openness will bring to us that which we long for as we seek rainbows - the miraculous and wondrous that can fill our imaginations, hearts, and souls.

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