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You Are Beautiful - The Path Of Remembrance

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Beloved Ones, many of you judge yourselves harshly and see yourselves with eyes that are veiled, perceiving only the limitations and not the beauty that lies within.

Yet, every soul is radiant with an inner light that never dims though it may be covered over. There is no being who is not filled with beauty because each is created with a heart that is pure, a heart that beats with the rhythm of sacred life.

You may feel that you have departed from this purity, that you have tainted it in word and in deed. Yet, this does not remove what is inner, but conceals it from you as the actor so that there is a forgetting of what is really true – a disconnect from the experience of your inner being. This is a great handicap to go through life with. It is like looking at the packaging of something and evaluating what that something is based on how it is wrapped, rather than on what is inside. And whether this relates to intellect, or appearance, or success, or to the emotions themselves, it is still not the inner core of you, not the primary gift of your own creation.

Of course as a society children are still taught to notice the wrapping, to value the wrapping, and so it is easy to get caught up in confusion regarding the difference between the outside and the inside. But the truth of beauty is that it is always present, in the least and most unfortunate, in the most deprived and discontented, in the most wounded and in the most wounding. There is beauty in all, if one can see with eyes that seek the sacred.

Society does not yet know how to value this sacredness. It does not know how to perceive it or to receive it, and most certainly not how to acknowledge it within each individual self. When this happens, life will take on a different tonality, a tonality of joy and freedom that will come from knowing oneself to be a child of the Divine. Yet this time has not come, though it is on its way. And so it is necessary to seek with some effort and motivation of heart, to see life with holy eyes, with eyes that seek the deeper truth within all. Most of all it is necessary to seek it within yourself, for each one is all too quick to realize their shortcomings.

With the tenderness with which you would cradle a small infant in loving arms and shelter them from any harm that would befall them, you must learn to love the inner self. This gift of tenderness that you bestow upon yourself is not because you are perfect, but because you are human, and being human is a priceless gift that is part of the Divine plan for Creation in which each of you plays a significant part.

Therefore, it is up to each one who feels ashamed, or deficient, or lacking in any way, to learn to see with different eyes – not the eyes that perceive the surface of things, but the eyes that see the interior part that is covered by the surface. These eyes are always with you, however veiled they may be, however unused they may have become. Opening them, you will see that this is who you are, and who she is, and who he is, and who every other is. Not the outside, but the inside. Not the self-perception, but the true perception. Not the ordinary, but the absolutely unique. Within the entire Universe, a precious and singular jewel in the necklace of Heaven.

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