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One World Meditations - A Time for Change

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Many know that the world is in need of great help at this time in order to change conditions that are harmful to body, mind, and spirit and to the Earth itself.

Among those who feel most deeply concerned, some become discouraged or despairing, some find a means of taking action within social or environmental movements, and some seek to address the layer of causality that exists beneath the outer difficulties and challenges. This underlying layer has to do with consciousness.

Mankind's consciousness shapes outer reality. Its areas of concern become places where attention is paid and changes are made through research, inspiration, guidance, and the motivation to move forward. Its areas of indifference reside in a twilight zone of not yet realized potential.

In order that outer change happen, such areas must come out of the shadows and become a focus of awareness and feeling, with a reality that gives them importance. When this happens, a need to manifest arises within the human heart, and change begins to occur as attention shifts in the direction of meeting this need. It is in this way that new social and political structures are born and it is in this way that new ideas are born - through the vision of the impossible becoming possible, and through what has been held in shadows, moving into the light.

In other areas where indifference, lack of awareness, or conflicting motivations prevail, a stagnant condition can occur in which little can happen because there exists opposition to forward movement and forces of progress have not yet coalesced to overcome this opposition, or because there is a lack of awareness concerning the need for change. In all cases, outer change is rooted in the alterations that take place within human consciousness which then 'precipitate' into external reality.

Today, because of the presence of expanding light on the planet and because of the alarm that has been sounded concerning the present danger to the Earth's environment, more people than ever are wanting to take the large steps forward that are needed to improve conditions for the Earth and her inhabitants, and more people than ever are perplexed about how to do so. This same light is also creating a greater awareness of being one human family.

It is with this in mind that global meditations which include people from all over the world can be of help. When people sit together in light with an intention of the heart to bring light to the world, 'lines of light' between people are created that are of direct benefit to human consciousness everywhere. This is because it is in the nature of light to expand consciousness, bringing forward a deeper understanding of the oneness of man, and a deeper awareness of the foundation of love that lives in every heart.

No matter how great the population of the Earth compared to the number of people who sit in meditation, the effect is nevertheless to infuse a new energy into the collective network of human experience so that previous conditions and attitudes are altered.

All meditative efforts are effective in this way, even when undertaken by just one person. However, global efforts that span the planet join together the consciousness of many in a synergistic way, where the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. These collective efforts make much more possible.

As human beings express themselves in this way, they are also joined by the realms of light who help guard the evolutionary path of the Earth as a whole, and who help guide the Earth into her future. These hierarchies of light join with those of similar intent upon the Earth, to share in a common effort. For this reason, a united effort at this time is uniquely important.

May 2008 celebrate the expansion of new light upon the earth and bring about the flowering of consciousness for the benefit of all beings.

To learn more about one world meditations, visit One World Meditations, open to people of all backgrounds including those with little meditative experience.

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