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A Pivotal Time in American History - A
Spiritual Perspective

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Today, more than at any other time since its founding, the possibility exists for a new spiritual awakening to take place within America that will bring her back to the integrity and purity of the spiritual principles upon which she was founded.

These principles that combine within themselves the most fundamental human concerns with the most elevated consciousness of eternal truths, have become tarnished in their application over years and decades of misuse, until they are easy to give lip-service to but difficult to see in the fullness of their application.

Today, more than at any other time, America has the chance, because of the expansion of light upon the Earth, and because of the desire for truth and selflessness among her leaders, to bring into executive power a new kind of presidential authority - one that instills hope instead of fear. One that fosters a desire to be part of the world, seeking the wellbeing of the entire human family, rather than a force applied to the world that stands above it. One that seeks to speak for all people, and not just for the interests of the few.

The forces of light, today, that were part of America's spiritual founding, are in an embattled situation. Within the electoral politics of today, they are being met with opposition which would seek to maintain things as they are. They are struggling to rise above this opposition - to prevail over the entrenched and powerful forces that give lip service to ideals but are willing to continue with practices that do not actually support them.

Light and truth require more than lip-service. They require a fundamental honesty and integrity that is part of one's character, that have been part of America's character, and that must become part of her government as well. The great leaders of American history possessed and preserved this integrity. Many of the leaders today, by contrast, have compromised it, so that it is no longer recognizable by those former admirers beyond her borders, and by her own citizens as well.

This situation is maintained by the opportunism of forces opposed to true change - forces that work through deception and through the seduction of consciousness so that many are led to believe that only small changes are needed and that America's integrity is still intact. This complacency is widespread. It applies to the public view of America's political life, her moral life, and her economic life as well.

Such complacency is not well-founded. It is based upon a covering of truth. For the principles upon which America was founded are being undermined in ways that are both visible and invisible. Yet, there is a gloss over this undermining so that it appears to be less harmful than it actually is.

The forces of light uphold peacefulness, gentleness, cooperation with all, a willingness to compromise, an accordance of dignity and respect to all people. They are the opposite of forces that create a sense of fear and threat. And they are the opposite of forces that would rather have America be morally weak as long as she remains powerful, rather than morally upright with a willingness to share power.

Many things today are being advocated by some in the name of security and in the name of concern for the many - the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the hopeless. But only some of these carry an energy of the new. Only some create the sense of a new breeze that might waft through America's heart so that it can free itself of all that has accumulated in the way of greed, selfishness, narrowed vision, and fear. The possibilities are there for change. The way must be chosen.

Today, it is incumbent upon each of us who cares about the future of America to pray that her founding principles be upheld, and that the light that shines so brightly as the central motivating force of her spiritual heart be preserved. This light must be permitted to expand and burn even more brightly, and we must seek those who can help most with this expansion, rather than those for whom the flame of America's spirit is less visible.

May all who care about America pray for the light to prevail within the hearts of her people and within the hearts of her leaders, so that all deception can become undone, and so that the true and noble ideals upon which she is founded can become the basis for a new leadership and a new path to the future.

For more about the spiritual foundations of America see www.lightamericaspirit.org.

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