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Healing The Body With Light

The human body is in essence a body of light, which was created first by God's divine intention which created the soul. The soul's divine intention to enter the world of physical form created the passageway through which God's light could manifest the miracle of conception and birth.

All of life is a miracle, and each precious soul you encounter is living proof of God's great love, which created the manifest and un-manifest universes. All possibilities and probabilities exist as One within God's divine mind. Within the infinite realm of possibility, God's light exists and actively participates within all of life.

God's light can be activated as a healing force within the human body, whenever you are sick or injured. God's light can bring healing, comfort, and can even completely transform even an apparently hopeless situation. Light can expand and open possibilities, and can support all other healing modalities you are using.

To activate the presence of God's light within your body, it is helpful to create a sacred space within your home that can be used for meditation, prayer and healing. Create an altar that expresses your innermost hearts connection with the divine. Keep it simple, clean and place it in an area that can be devoted to sacred activities.

Spend a few moments each day, or several times a day, quietly praying, meditating or sitting quietly at your altar. In time your altar will develop a vibration of light, and you will begin to feel this when you sit at the altar. The light will help you relax, and will aid you in your healing process.

When your body is fatigued, sick, or injured, you can rejuvenate and regenerate your body by sitting or lying in front of your altar and breathing in God's light. Place your hand over your heart and pray for healing, and then imagine God's light descending from the heavens and infusing your body through the top of your head. As you breathe, allow the light to circulate through your body.

You'll notice certain parts of your body that will feel more tense, or that will be holding pain. Imagine the light deeply infusing these areas, bringing warms, comfort, and peace. The cells of your body know how to heal themselves, and God's light will activate these inner resources of healing.

As you do this regularly, you will begin to notice changes in your body and your health. The infusion of God's light will begin a process of self healing within your body. Sometimes, if your body has been out of alignment for a very long time, the healing process takes longer because the body needs to re-balance itself on all levels.

your body is not separate from your mind or emotions. In fact it could be said that your mind is your whole body! As God's light begins this healing process in you, you will find old memories and emotions form the past re-surfacing. Allow these to pass through your consciousness. See them, feel them, and then let them go.

At some point you may find it helpful to join with others who are in a healing process. If you have many challenges happening at once in your body, it will be helpful to work with a practitioner of healing arts who can act as a facilitator, helping to strengthen the light and support your body through the healing process.

In times past, healing was thought of as something separate from everyday life. Now, as spiritual consciousness on the Earth evolves and transforms, it becomes more clear to us that all of life is a healing process. When our bodies are in need of healing, God's light can provide stability, grounding in our primary reality as a soul, and a sense of peace, comfort and rejuvenation. God's light can support us and enhance all other healing modalities and treatments, and is available freely to all beings, because God loves us and is always present and available to support our lives.

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