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The Effect Of Spiritual Light On The
Presidential Election

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Spiritual light has to do with three central things, among others: 1) heightening the capacity for empathy and love and the desire to share love, 2) bringing into greater awareness a sense of truth and an increasing sense of what only masquerades as truth, and 3) enhancing the motivation of those holding greater light to adopt courses of action that are not self-seeking but that truly represent the welfare of a greater whole.

There are other qualities of character and personal expression that are brought forward by the infusion of greater light - qualities such as gentleness, kindness, a willingness to listen, a lack of ego, a desire to share, a desire to comfort those in need. These qualities, like notes on a musical scale, can be played in many different ways and with many different tonalities, corresponding to the inner nature of the one who carries them. Nevertheless, they share a common foundation which lies in the essential properties of spiritual light.

Within the electoral process, as light becomes more prominent and darkness recedes, the above effects of greater light begin to make themselves known more clearly. People begin increasingly to desire truth among those who claim to be its representatives; they desire integrity within those who claim to speak for a particular issue or point of view. Such integrity is based on the faithfulness of one who takes a position on an issue to the underlying values that that position represents. Integrity requires that one feel things and care about things deeply, not merely as a surface phenomenon. It also applies to the character of one who has an inner standard of moral rightness, a standard that must be followed for the sake of rightness itself, because conscience requires it.

The increasing inflow of light into the electoral process therefore affects both candidates and the general public. People begin to want more truth. They begin to want more kindness and integrity. They begin to want a public servant who truly represents the interests of the Whole. As this 'wanting' develops, a quality of listening is also enhanced, and what is listened for in candidates is what the heart tells the listener is real, more than what the mind says. Sometimes, this has been referred to as a 'gut reaction'. But often such a 'gut reaction' is simply a way of saying that there is no rational reason to feel something - it is one's heart that tells one that something is so.

Inspiration is also an effect of greater light. When people feel inspired, it is often because the light in a situation causes them to feel uplifted, more capable of making a difference, stronger in conscience, and stronger in a desire to serve. Outwardly, the source of inspiration may be attributed to a person and to a particular time in history, and it is true that these are factors, but inspiration and the capacity to feel inspired is also a function of light operating within consciousness which creates a yearning for an ideal - an ideal that, within the one so inspired, feels approachable. It feels as if it can be attained. And so inspiration carries one into action and into a state of feeling hopeful and optimistic about the possibility of realizing one's ideal.

This election year, including the campaign thus far, has shown itself to be filled with various shades of light and darkness, and is likely to continue to be so up until the election in November and beyond. Those who are developing an awareness of spiritual reality will be led more and more during this year to begin to feel things that exceed what the rational mind can know, and to sense things that lead in the direction of belief and perception, without a mental process being involved. With this development already underway, it is useful, no matter what one's religious or spiritual beliefs, to ask for inner guidance regarding the path of greatest clarity, truth, and love, for along this path is the light that leads to the future, and the hope for the most positive outcome of this year's electoral process.

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