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How Self Love Can Transform Relationships

All human beings are created with the natural need to give and receive love. We are created in love forms the foundation of our divine spiritual selves, and of our physically manifested life. Even the many limitations that we encounter in our early lives do not remove love from our spiritual center, because it is the essence of who we are.

Though we are created as love, as we journey through our lives it is possible to forget love, which takes a back seat to the many other demands of life. It is also possible to sustain wounds as we travel through life that damage our ability to connect with ourselves and to feel the inner experience of love that would otherwise sustain us.

In humanity's long journey through physical embodiment, we have learned to develop our sense of individuality and separateness. This has brought much learning and growth, but has also created a greater experience of disconnection from our divine spiritual nature. When we are disconnected from our inner connection with spirit, many painful afflictions can arise.

In today's world, there has been such an extreme level of disconnection from spirit, that humanity has forgotten the sacred nature of life and relationship. This forgetting has led to abuse, violence and all manner of painful negative experiences. Many souls today carry scars from encountering this kind of extreme separated consciousness, and these wounds can create habitual negative energy patterns that form in the physical and emotional bodies.

One extremely common form of misdirected negative energy is to turn anger in on oneself. The mind and emotions attack the self, causing great physical and emotional distress. This results in a more limited capacity to share deeply with others, because so much energy is being recycled back and forth within the self. Sadly, many human beings suffer from self anger, self blame and self hatred. These form a projection of sorts, where the negative energy that was received at some point in the past, becomes attached to the self and directed towards the self.

This affliction can greatly interfere with one's relationships, because it becomes difficult to be fully present in the moment in a space of love to share with others. Self hatred can also distort perception, so that is becomes difficult to know with real clarity what is happening within relationships.

The antidote to this cycle of difficulty is the development of self love. Self love is not a technique, but rather the restoration of our innate spiritual center, which is love. From this place, love from the divine flows freely into the body, mind, emotional bodies, and spirit. Love is expressed outwardly towards others and oneself as a natural flow.

How can we restore self love, if we have been out of balance for a very long time? This journey begins with the simple prayer and intention.

"Restore me, dearest God, to my divine inner purity and grace. Release my burdens, free me from suffering, and anoint me with your holy divine love."

This prayer, repeated with heartfelt sincerity, will open a pathway of return home to your divine inner being. The spiritual journey releases the hold that negative energies, memories and actions have had upon us, and restores our inner harmony with God's love. Love will flow freely within you, and therefore around you, as it naturally expresses and flows outward to other.

Dearest ones, this simple step can transform so many difficult relationships. When you cease to give energy and attention to self blame and self hatred, and begin receiving divine love, your whole energy field changes and no longer resonates in whatever difficulties you may have had with another person. When you no longer are participating in the negative energy pattern, then it cannot sustain itself and it begins to dissolve. This can be done without even speaking to another person. The energy shift you make has an impact on all of your relationships, and can create miracles of all kinds.

When you make the decision to choose self love, rather than self hatred, you will notice many negative thought patterns and emotions rise up. This is a natural pat of the process, for when a soul chooses light; the energies of darkness rise up in response and attempt to disrupt that choice. When this happens, remain peaceful; continue to choose love, and to simply observe the negative thoughts, energies and emotions. These will pass on their own, and as you journey you will see a new life emerge before you, a life blessed with love.

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