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Violence In Virginia And The Time We Are In -
A Spiritual Perspective

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

There is to be a time in the earth's future when all that has been promised shall be revealed. This time is rapidly approaching, and the turbulence and catastrophe in terms of human life that is witnessed on the earth today shall pass into a new day of peace and an end to conflict.

This new day cannot come about without the birth pains that are produced by purification and by the releasing of all that stands in the way of advancing light. However, in the presence of this wave of turbulence, it is possible to move through it without despair, without fear, and with the knowing that each individual soul will be given the means to progress forward into higher levels of spiritual development and consciousness as they are able to and as they have chosen. No matter what the outer circumstances of a person's life, no matter how tragic these may appear to the outside observer, they are, each and every one individually, moving forward with their own course of soul development and will find new opportunities for advancement at every step of this progression.

This is not to say that the present time on the earth is not without great sorrow and tragedy, for it is. The heart yearns to better the lot of those who suffer and to remove the causes of pain and devastation that are happening to so many today. And yet the heart's wish and the soul's desire for the improvement of the lot of mankind and an end to the suffering that man inflicts upon man is precisely what this day shall lead to – to a purification of the violent and anti-harmonious tendencies that exist within human consciousness. These shall be replaced by the desire for peace and cooperation, based on the understanding of unity.

Everywhere, there shall be an awareness of being part of a greater whole, and out of this awareness shall come a desire to serve that greater whole, with degrees of participation based on soul-interest and soul-capacity which shall define the purpose of a lifetime. This lifetime, consecrated in service to the Divine and the sacred within life, shall be the norm rather than the exception, and those who direct their awareness to serve the higher good shall be served themselves in the process and reap the rewards of their dedication.

In the meantime, the face of sorrow lies before us as we witness the tragic loss of life at a school in Virginia, committed at the hands of one who was not able to hold the light of consciousness in the face of the onslaught of forces of darkness which ultimately prevailed, bringing about actions that cut off the lives of others who were so young. This one who gave his own life as a penance at the same time, shall not be forgotten – not by those who have suffered at his hands, nor by those whose lives have been shattered by their losses, nor by those whose consciousness is filled with the question of whether they could have done more to prevent these acts of cruel destruction. It will also not be forgotten by God, whose Divine sense of justice combined with mercy will require of that one the full measure of redemption so that what has been carried out on the human plane can be healed on the plane of the soul. The awareness of Divine justice as certain and as filled with the love that holds each soul to be valuable beyond the measure of their actions, shall come into play as it does for each and every soul whose life must be weighted according to their actions and motives. For this one as well, his tragic inner life and loss of spiritual footing shall be held before him with the full light of awareness prevailing so that he can become fully responsible for both the attitudes that gave rise to his actions, and for the actions themselves.

Knowing this, it is important to hold sorrow with those who mourn, but also to hold forgiveness for a soul that has manifested darkness out of the darkness within himself, but whose future path shall be one of learning and redemption so that he is brought back to the light through accountability for his own actions. Blessed are those who can forgive in this way and yet who suffer with the pain of loss that breaks the heart and that seeks immediate resolution.

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