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When Faith Is Tested

This is a time of monumental transition for our world, and each of our lives is being affected by the larger planetary transformations that are happening.

Many of us who are on a spiritual path and living a spiritual life feel dismayed by the great intensity that is manifesting in our lives, our relationships, and even our physical bodies. Our faith in God is tested, as we proceed through this time with little outer confirmation of what we are feeling in our hearts, and apparently little support around us for living a spiritual life, or for sharing the work we are called to offer to the world.

There are larger planetary forces at work right now which are creating a difficult atmosphere in which to navigate. God's light is growing stronger as a tangible physical presence on the Earth, which is creating massive change both to the Earth herself and to all those who live upon her. In response to this growing light, there is a heightened activity of negative energies which attempt to slow or halt the expansion of light.

For those who are walking the spiritual path, opening our hearts to God, seeking greater love, light and connection with the divine source within, these energies may create additional challenges by obscuring our experience of the light. The experience is similar to standing outside on a cloudy day. One minute you can see and feel the warmth of the sun, and the next minute, the sun is gone, the sky is gray and there is no more warmth. The sun remains, but is simply obscured. Our faith is tested, because we can no longer feel the spiritual nourishment that was sustaining us.

This phenomenon is difficult enough, but there is a much larger process happening, related to the purification process of the Earth. The increased activity of divine light is accelerating the vibrational frequency of physical matter, which is raising it to a new level of connection with the spiritual reality. The light creates a cleansing action that begins to separate out negative and lower vibrating energies, which rise to the surface and brought into consciousness for healing. This process of purification is happening on both an individual and a global level, both for the Earth and for all embodied souls.

When the process of purification is activated, the emotions, thoughts, memories and traumas of the past begin to rise into consciousness in order to be healed. Once these energies manifest in our awareness, they are already on the way out of our energy field, but it can feel as though we are regressing, that things are getting worse, or that we are sliding back into old patterns. If we are able to stay connected with the inner experience of God's love even when the purification process is very active, this smoothes the pathways for the maximum amount of old pain to leave us. Our body, mind and consciousness are all affected by this process, which eventually results in a new level of freedom, clarity, and connection with our divine source and purpose.

During the process of purification, it is helpful to have in place spiritual supports in our life that can help us to navigate through the storms and remain anchored in the experience of God's love and light even when we feel deeply challenged. Spiritual support can be found in many places, such as a support group, a church, temple, mosque, a loving family, a visit to nature, artistic expression, or regular prayer and meditation practice. You will find that certain groups or places resonate with you deeply and bring a feeling of warm, light and love. Other groups or practices may not feel at all helpful to you. This is the miracle of vibrational resonance at work, which draws to us those of a similar vibration so we can join with those of like mind and like heart.

Maintaining our inner connection with God's love and light is so important, and helps us to get through the times of difficulty. Once the storms have passed, the clouds lift, and a new level of light emerges in our awareness. This is the blessing of the process of spiritual purification. Though our faith is tested, we emerge with greater strength and greater capacity to love.

None of us wants to experience difficult times, but challenges are abundant during this time because our entire planet has reached a critical turning point which requires truly significant change. God and the spiritual realms are sending love, light and support our way to assist us through this transition. As we learn more and more how to live a truly spiritual life, new paths and directions emerge for us and create a beacon of light within our hearts that can illuminate hope, strengthen faith and expand love for all those in our lives.

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