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Healing the Wounds of Childhood - The Purification Process

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Many emotions typically reside within the human heart that are residues from childhood. Some are experienced consciously and are a familiar part of one's emotional life. Some are relegated to the unconscious, only appearing under certain circumstances.

These residues of the past can be experienced as merely 'present', or can become severely disabling, depending upon how immersed one becomes in the layers of feeling.

Purification offers a way of being with these residues of the past that is not conceptual, that is, it does not seek to understand more about why these emotions are there or how they arose - but rather, that makes possible a holding of all feelings in spiritual light so that the process of identifying with them becomes lessened, or is replaced altogether by one's larger identification as a spiritual being.

An important aspect of the process of purification is the fact that initially it does not involve feeling less, but of allowing all feelings to be as they are, understanding that this creates a way of moving forward with a process that is divinely guided and self-regulating. However, at the same time as one opens to this kind of acceptance, it is also necessary to stabilize the self in a place of spiritual truth and light. Such energetic stabilization allows one to 'carry' whatever emotions are present without fully 'becoming' them. (For example, one can 'carry' feelings of anger or frustration without becoming angry, or feelings of sadness and grief without becoming depressed. In such cases, these emotions may be thought of as simply 'passing through'). Spiritual anchoring also shifts one's identity from the historical and biological past to an identity that is defined by one's relationship with God. Through holding feelings in spiritual light while anchoring identity in this larger context, the release of the emotional past begins to take place, until one is free of it altogether.

In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to understand the importance of alignment with God's light and love. The practice of 'alignment' involves a continual turning toward the Divine, with an intention to become one with these higher energies that are part of Divine being. Anchoring the self in light acts as an antidote to the emotional turbulence one may be feeling, and stabilizes the self in a different and higher vibration. Such energetic anchoring creates clarity, and allows the purification process to proceed. The key to making progress with purification lies in remaining connected with the tangible presence of God's light and love, and through this connection, becoming able to be with whatever feelings are being awakened, without denial, and without acting them out.

The practice of 'alignment' can be carried out through prayer or meditation or a combination of the two. For it is often not enough to tell oneself things about the past in order to become free of it. If it were that simple, it would have happened, for most, long ago. However, for the healing of deeper issues, more is generally needed, and so it becomes necessary to create a central relationship with God's light and love so that through this practice, healing can take place.

As an example, if one's childhood has created an unfulfilled longing for love, understanding, or trust, or, a lack of appreciation of one's own worth or value, these emotional issues will surface in the presence of greater light and be felt once again. The earth's present immersion in spiritual light is bringing many such issues to the surface. However, the same light that is fostering greater awareness, also has the capacity to strengthen the self so that it can hold such feelings while remaining separate from them. God's light is the essential ingredient in this process, and reaching toward it on a regular basis is the way of participating with it on the human level.

As one gains a deeper understanding of purification, it becomes easier to know how to deal with past wounds, or, indeed, wounds of any kind, for the experience of light itself is the teacher, and what it teaches is a way of holding emotions until they are forever transmuted into the light of one's larger identity.

As the process of individual and global purification continues and goes to deeper levels, it will become even more important to learn the ways of dealing with emotional residues so that one can fully release all that creates separation from God, and so that one's identity as a sacred and precious child of God can be fully lived. It is toward this time ahead that that all of humanity is presently moving.

May the blessings of light surround and uplift all who seek the light during this sacred time of spiritual transition.

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