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Taking Time For the Sacred

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

At a time of great intensity in life, when there are countless pressures externally and also pressures from within to meet diverse and sometimes conflicting goals, it is often hard to take time for the sacred. Often, one feels that the sacred must wait until more time is present in life, until one is less burdened with practical concerns, until, until... The list is often a long one.

Time for the sacred may be fifteen or twenty minutes each day of silent turning inward toward the Divine in life, even if that Divine has not been defined in any articulate way; even if its Presence may still be a mystery. Just turning within and asking to be shown the way toward the deeper self, the higher self, can make inroads into consciousness so that new experiences can appear, one's breathing can become easier, decisions that are important can be made with greater clarity, and a sense of purpose can be found where one may have been lacking before. Taking time for the sacred can become the basis of a life lived from one's spiritual center.

Here are some things that can be done on a daily basis to help define sacred time:

  1. Create an altar that will be the center, for you, of a sacred space. A table, shelf, or plank of wood with a candle on it, placed on a clean white cloth or cloth napkin can be the beginning.

  2. Determine to sit in front of your altar at least ten minutes each day. If there are children around whose needs must be met, make provision for them in advance so that you can have this quiet time.

  3. When sitting at your altar. Take three very deep breaths, slowly inhaling, slowly exhaling. Then say a simple prayer of your own choosing that can be used like a mantra - a repetitive thought that you can come back to again and again. Here is an all-purpose prayer that can accompany you in the silence: "May the light of God (or, the One) be with me. May all healing that needs to happen begin. May my heart open to the truth of God's love (or Divine love)." While sitting in silence, if your mind drifts away, come back to the prayer again and again.

  4. On days when it is not possible to sit in front of your altar, wherever you are, try to step aside from what you are doing for five or ten minutes in the morning and afternoon so that you can breathe and focus on your inner prayer. Let the attunement become a regular part of your day, much like preparing meals or eating is also a regular part.

  5. Before going to sleep, say another prayer, for example: May my heart open in love and gratitude for the blessings of each day.

These simple acts of attunement can be the beginning of a spiritual practice that can take you much further in the direction of opening to the reality that lies behind the physical. At the same time, they can help you to feel more clear, peaceful, and joyful about going through each 'ordinary' day, making it special simply because you are more awake.

Blessings. May the light of the One be with you. (This is a prayer that can also be said silently when you wish to bless someone else.)

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