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Spiritual Healing of Anxiety and
Panic Disorders

The human heart was created by God to love and to feel emotion deeply, and much of the creative inspiration that we feel comes from the spiritual connection between our embodied human self and your eternal soul or larger self.

This great sensitivity has also been the cause of much challenge as human beings have struggled to understand ourselves and our loved ones. The present time period is particularly challenging because our consciousness and ways of feeling, and sensing are changing as greater spiritual light expands on the Earth.

In today's world, the incidence of panic and anxiety disorders is on the increase. It is no wonder with the large challenges facing humanity as a whole, and in our individual lives, that more and more people are feeling anxious and afraid, or even panic.

There are some kinds of anxiety or panic that are responses to situations we face, such as losing our job, facing an illness, or other life challenges. There are other kinds of anxiety that simply appear in our consciousness and body without any apparent outer cause. This kind of mysterious appearance of anxiety that appears to be for "no reason" is more difficult to address because we don't know what we're afraid of, or why.

One of the ways that we can address the challenge of anxiety or panic that comes upon us without apparent reason, is to think of the anxiety as energy that is passing through our consciousness. In today’s complex world, as more spiritual light is transforming our environment, many of us are having new experiences that cannot be explained by traditional psychological or religious perspectives.

In the situation where we are feeling panic or anxiety that is not related to a specific circumstance, this may be happening for a number of reasons. For example, if you are a sensitive person, you may be feeling the anxiety or panic of those around you. On the other hand, the anxiety may be emerging from within your own subconscious, revealing itself at this time so you can be healed of old pain you've been carrying that you are ready to let go of. Another possible cause is that you are feeling the emotional energy of fear that is held within the collective consciousness of humanity.

It is not essential to understand all the reasons why you are feeling panic or anxiety in order to heal the situation. The energy of fear as it passes through our consciousness and body creates emotions, thoughts and physical sensations. If we can learn how to hold this experience within an atmosphere of God’s light, and to separate ourselves from it, the energy will soon leave us. In order to do this, it is necessary to create a space within us, and in our environment, where we can pray, meditate, and focus on God’s love, and where God’s light can enter our hearts.

By bringing our panic, anxiety and fears before God in a sacred way, through sincere prayer and heartfelt longing, a pathway of light will begin to open within us. The light begins to release the anxiety from our body and mind, and we begin to relax and feel less caught up in the energy. If we can practice aligning ourselves with God’s love in a regular way, for a few minutes each day or more, this will become increasingly helpful to us when we are dealing with energies of anxiety or panic. Aligning ourselves with others who can support us in this practice can also be of great help in managing and eventually dissolving the panic or anxiety.

In today's world, we face so many challenges on a daily basis. It is natural to feel anxiety when facing knew and unknown situations that we don't know how to resolve ourselves. There are also many others who are feeling anxiety, and this energy can pervade the atmosphere of our homes, work environments, or other places. By anchoring our awareness in the light of God’s love, we can begin to feel the natural connection we each have with God, and this can help us to feel more held and less alone.

As greater spiritual light continues to infuse the Earth, it will become easier to breathe in and feel the love and light healing us and releasing us from the pain of the past. As we become more and more connected with God, the feelings of anxiety and panic will diminish and eventually disappear altogether in the healing light of God’s love.

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