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Enduring Hardships with God’s Love

At this time of intense planetary change, many of us are being challenged and are finding ourselves enduring hardships of one kind or another. Whether it be a health challenge, financial concerns, loss of a loved one, or life difficulties that endure for a very long time without changing, all these hardships bring with them pain, suffering, sadness, anger, grief or even despair.

When we don't know how to get through a situation that feels overwhelming, our heart cries out for help. We turn to prayer and our spiritual practices to find comfort and meaning, and yet sometimes it is so difficult to really feel ourselves held in God’s loving embrace.

Dearest ones, when we are suffering it can feel as though we are all alone in our pain. In fact, this is the nature of much of our suffering, because we are not yet able to feel God’s love with us and holding us in our lives. One of the most helpful things we can do when life becomes overwhelming is to reach out for assistance, and to make ourselves humble and willing to receive. Sometimes pride or fear prevents us from being willing to open ourselves to request help, and if we close down in our pain, it becomes harder for God to share love with us.

Sometimes we are able to feel God’s love when we meditate or pray, but when our challenges feel overwhelming, it is not always possible for us to perceive the light of spirit holding us. That is why the willingness to ask for help from others is so important, because God can send love and light to us through the healing presence of those in our lives who make themselves available to love and support us.

Sometimes we have been wounded in our ability to ask for help. If as children we learned that asking for help brought us ridicule or shame or rejection, we then censor this natural reaching out process, which holds energy within us and protects us from the negativity of others, but does not allow in help of a positive nature.

As adults, we can learn how to give and receive help in a balanced way by surrounding ourselves with people who are able to give and receive love in ways that feel uplifting and empowering. These new experiences can help us to heal from any negative association we may carry from the past about asking for help.

When we are enduring hardships, it is important that we feel loved and cared for. That is why reaching out to other is so important, and it is one of the ways God can work in our lives to share love and light with us.

There is another important way to reach out, that can open the pathway for greater comfort and healing during times of difficulty. In order to do this you will need to create a few minutes of quiet time in a safe, protected environment where you can relax your body and enter deeply into a state of prayer. You may want to place your hand over your heart and breathe into your heart, opening to the feelings you are experiencing. Talk to God, and share your troubles, difficulties, feelings and pain. Ask for healing, ask to be guided, strengthened, comforted and nourished.

This deep and heartfelt prayer will open an energetic pathway that will allow more light and love to come into your life to support you. As you gratefully receive the assistance you need, God’s heart opens more to give even more, in the divine flow of spiritual life. In this way, you can endure hardships with God’s love guiding and supporting you, emerging from the difficulties with a newfound perspective and greater love, light and healing in your heart.

One day, a friend or family member may call and ask for help, and you will flow effortlessly within this same stream of giving and receiving, feeling honored to support another soul and to share God’s love in the endless circle of light, love and grace that is God’s gift to us all.

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