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The Destiny Of Nations - Part II

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

When, in the course of human events it becomes possible for one nation to exert its will upon all others to the detriment of those whom it subjugates, then that nation must be prevented from doing so by the spiritual necessity of the entire organism that is the planet earth.

Such limitation must occur in the course of the unfoldment of history so that the rightful place among the family of nations can be taken by each and every nation that seeks to maintain a national identity, and by each and every people that seeks the world's respect and sharing of wealth and resources.

No nation emerges by chance. No nation, from a spiritual perspective, can be allowed to exert its hegemony over all others, no matter how enlightened it may perceive itself to be, and no matter what good intentions it may feel lie at the root of its actions. The freedom to be oneself is accorded as much to nations as it is to individuals, and this includes both the freedom to make mistakes and to develop in one's own way. It is not a freedom that can be cast aside without great consequences for those who interfere in this way and for the planet as a whole.

The subjugation of another cultural identity to one's own which is presumed to be more enlightened, is another form of spiritual enslavement, similar to the physical enslavement that took place of the African-American population in the nineteenth century. Under the guise of political and spiritual righteousness, it creates a world in which nations and peoples become the property of others and are not seen as having an independent right to exist. This development can be covered over and concealed by political rhetoric as it has many times in the past, but it cannot be concealed from the mind and heart of God. It is a disturbance to the planetary harmonic that cannot go uncorrected, and it is a disturbance to the way of love that cannot go unhealed.

The United States is, at this time, in the position of economic and military superiority that allows it to put forth its will in countless ways in relation to other nations. This is very different from acting in the best interests of the whole or of the other nations themselves. It is a way of asserting the superiority of one's own will over the will of others and it has, throughout time, been shown to be the downfall of once great and powerful nations. This is not to say that there is not goodness, generosity, and unselfishness within American policy and practice and that it has not been of much benefit to parts of the world in need. Only that the good can be significantly outweighed by the harmful, and when such is the case, the situation must be addressed so that the ways of nations can be set upon their rightful course.

The earth's planetary body is composed of the physical aspects that have to do with the matter of which she is composed and the heterogeneous nature of the many life-forms that she contains. It also has to do with the collective consciousness which makes up the whole of the earth's consciousness. This collective consciousness contains both individual people and individual nations. It is a multiplicity that must be safeguarded in the same way that the safety and continued existence of difference species of plant and animal life must be safeguarded. It is to this end that the present movement of light upon the planet shall bless the earth, bringing with it a way of all being together within a state of diversity-in-unity, unity-in-diversity, as it has been written – e pluribus Unum, out of many, One.

Though there have been many times and places in the past when unbridled power has lead to the temporary domination of one culture by another and of one civilization by another, leading to the many forms of colonization and imperialism that are well-known, it is time, today, for another level of interaction between nations to become a new standard of behavior, based on a new spiritual authority that all will come to recognize. The fact of past transgressions of this standard was largely due to what appeared, to many, to be the 'natural order of things'. This can no longer be upheld as the 'natural order', but is presently being replaced by a new conception of right relationship, one in which cooperation rather than domination becomes the outer expression of a vibration of love. Though it may not have been possible before and it may not have been pursued before, the standard of love at this time in the earth's history is being raised for all to see. And even in the midst of the prevailing darkness that is causing great conflict among nations, this standard, once raised, shall not be put down until all nations are held in its embrace, and until all are united within the unity of Love.

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