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The Earth Purifies - Earth Changes, Flooding, and Extreme Weather Patterns

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

It may be difficult for us to imagine how the earth which appears to us to be a solid mass of complexly interrelated parts, can have an intentionality to purify and can be undergoing a process we normally associate with human beings on a spiritual path. And even if it is true of the planetary body, we may well wonder how this happens and how it can affect weather patterns.

The 'Great Purification' of the earth has been spoken of by the Hopi and by other indigenous peoples as the prelude to a great transition of life and consciousness which the planet shall go through. This transition has also been prophesied within other ancient traditions as well as by individual seers.

The purification to which those ancient ones refer is happening all around us. It is revealed in the altered weather patterns that are becoming commonplace around the globe. Today, in the mid-West of the United States where massive flooding is taking place, and not too long ago in the West where fires raged out of control, or in the South where hurricanes took their toll, weather patterns have become extreme, and people everywhere are saying: "I've never seen anything like this before."

Purification of the earth takes place through a shift in the energy configuration that regulates the relationship of impulses within the 'nerve center' of the planetary body as they are transmitted throughout the biophysical system. It is much the same as if our own cortical functioning were being influenced by changes on the neural level so that the system itself became overloaded and had to discharge what was passing through it. Sometimes, such 'overload' is displayed in obvious symptoms we might associate with brain function such as speech impairment, deficits in eye-hand coordination, poorer vision, or losses to the ability to think clearly. But sometimes an overload of energy within the brain affects the functions that the brain regulates which are spread throughout the body. In such cases, we experience anomalies and unexplainable physical symptoms that appear for no apparent reason, that may give us cause for concern but are really being produced by energy releasing through a particular focal point or 'node'.

It is the same way with the earth. The significant 'eruptions' that take place on the level of tornados, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and volcanoes, can all be viewed as separate occurrences, or they can be seen as part of a purification process that is releasing bound energy from the greater whole. The purpose of such releasing is not to do damage to the people who are in the geographical areas in which such 'releasing' is taking place, but rather to free the earth from burdens she has been carrying so that she can heal and move into a higher level of consciousness and being as a sacred planet.

An underlying premise of this point of view is that the earth is a being that has consciousness and that evolves as human beings do, though on a much more complex and vaster scale - one that is also more connected to the cellular awareness of her physical parts than human consciousness is. As an evolving being, the earth's purification is being activated by incoming energies of spiritual light that are presently affecting the planetary body, as well as all of the inhabitants of the earth.

Weather patterns that run amok cause a great deal of distress for people in the areas in which they occur. They create both loss of life and loss of property, and in many cases interrupt the ordinary flow of life for years to come. It is not an easy prospect for those involved to go through, nor is it easy to contemplate more of the same happening in the future. Even now, as the flooding along the northern part of the Mississippi River crests and begins to move south, those in low-lying areas in the south are awaiting their turn to deal with the severe dislocation that has been produced by the current overflow.

Such anticipation is not an easy prospect to contemplate for anyone, anywhere, but for the earth it is a necessary one. For if the earth is to gain the capacity to hold herself and the inhabitants of the planet within a new consciousness - a consciousness that will be about peace, cooperation, and harmony, and that will provide an end to many of the entrenched conflicts that have existed on a global level today - the purification of the earth must take place.

Extreme weather patterns which release physical and electrical energies housed in the earth's body and atmosphere are one example of how this happens. There are other examples that are more related to non-physical energies.

Non-physical energies, if we were speaking of human functioning, would correspond to emotions and thoughts that are held as energy within the human body. Because such emotions are part of human consciousness, they are also part of the earth's consciousness because she contains within herself all that lives, thinks, and feels upon the earth. When these human emotions begin to release from the planetary body where they have accumulated over centuries and millennia, human beings start to feel what is being let go of as if the feelings were presently their own, rather than energies of the earth passing through them. In some cases these emotions are just felt, but in many cases things like anger, despair, fear, or rage may be acted out, with sad consequences on a human level.

Human participation in the purification of the earth can be made gentler by an increased awareness of what is happening, by our loving care for the earth and her creatures, by amplifying and expressing more of the attitudes of peace, harmony, and cooperation that the earth is trying to achieve, and by holding God's love around all situations in which suffering occurs. By moving consciousness in this direction, we transform the negative energies that are needing to be released, and in this way make their passage softer, smoother, and easier for all concerned.

On the other side of purification is a new way of life for the earth and her people. This is a vision that we can hold in our hearts along with the prayer that all beings be blessed and held in love during this time of transition.

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