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Daily Reading and Meditation

Inspiration and Spiritual Practice for Daily Life

A regular spiritual practice of daily reading and meditation offers consistent daily spiritual support, and over time supports the anchoring of spiritual values into all aspects of life.

Daily meditation can be a simple as taking five minutes each day to site quietly in nature, paying attention to your breath, or can involve a more involved program of study and meditation for those who have more time to devote.

The importance of daily reading and meditation is in the consistency with which it is done. It is helpful to schedule a specific time of day to do your daily reading and meditation practice. Arrange a sacred space in your home, one that is conducive to inner reflection and relaxation.

Some people find it helpful to create an altar or other sacred space in the home, which provides an outer reminder of the sacred, and also creates a vibration of peace and harmony.

Daily reading and meditation can provide comfort, upliftment, and spiritual support. You will find yourself attracted to sacred writings and meditation practices that are most resonant with your own soul's unique divine blueprint.

We are all of God, and created by God, and we each have a unique purpose and aspect of God that we embody in the world.

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Daily Reading and Meditation Supports

A daily reading and meditation practice can tailored to your own unique needs and spiritual longing. Daily inspiration and meditation be found through sacred religious texts as well as newer spiritual writings. At World Blessings we recommend several daily reading and meditation supports to assist you in nourishing your spiritual life at each moment of your day.

  • Our World Blessings Daily Messages of Light  offer new daily guidance by email and audio, that is received each weekday through Mashubi from the Realms of Light, helping us to navigate the specific energies of each new day. You can read or listen anytime. These bring spiritual light light into our bodies and consciousness and are available by donation or through a gift subscription. 
  • World Blessings Healing Meditations - On demand online audios and videos
    These are recorded meditations received through Mashubi from the Realms of Light that help us with various challenges we encounter in daily life. Some are 5-10 minutes, some are 20 to 40 minutes and more in depth.
  • The Practice of Alignment by GurujiMa, is a 6 minute audio and video recording that carries a strong vibration of divine light.  This can be done each day and listened to as needed. Simply listen to the audio or watch the video and breathe.

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